jess and dillon's big day... part 2


i love these. AND i love jess and dillon for venturing over by this scary building. not until i walked closer to them did i realize there was something gross smelling somewhere in the vicinity. thanks guys for being so up for anything and not saying a WORD! you guys are total awesomeness!





shot by miriah dobbs









photo on left taken by miriah ---evidence of my crazy photographer bridesmaidness


photo by miriah:


i can't help but stick this one in. i LOVE my little girl (photo by miriah)



YUM, cupcakes



the wedding band...joe cody and friends...rocked the dance floor. CHECK THEM OUT!



jess and her mom, photo by miriah,

photo by miriah


when jess and dillon met, he was in a band: the rock pilots. they haven't played in awhile, as some members have moved, etc. but they reunited to play some at the wedding... which was a HUUUUUGE hit! it was AWESOME. (and i think you guys should reunite to play at least one more wedding...saaaaay sept 12th, wink..wink, nudge...nudge)







 photo by miriah:





again, congrats and lots of love to the happy couple. SO jealous of hawaii, and hope you are having a fabulous time. and miriah, can't say it enough, YOU ROCK! thank you SO much!


more joni & blair

like i said, there were just too many pictures of this glorious wedding that i wanted to share. i just love it when a couple infuses so much personal style into their day. thank you again joni & blair and families! now on to the rest of the pictures....


maid of honor and best man with the rings















 after taking pictures around riverside with the full wedding party, they stopped at the bodega for a bit



where joni showed off her popcorn catching skills



i loved their cake... (kristi's cakes and pastries, wilton wi. CALL HER!)















joni and blair had a photo booth for their guests, which i LOVE... check out the website... and dani and i just had to jump in for a couple of shots.



my scanner cut off the bottom, but it had the wedding date on it. and you cut off one for yourself, and the couple gets one that is put in a book. AWESOME idea for a wedding reception!

joni and blair....the wedding (part one)


a pair of colored shoes.

a birdcage veil.

a custom headpeice.

a first look.

a gorgeous couple, who are not only completely in love, but also up for anything

an outdoor ceremony

........mix it all together with an awesome wedding party, fun families, and a little bit of gorgeous light

what do you get? a SUPER giddy wedding photographer that is what!

i have been looking forward to joni and blair's wedding since their engagement session last summer. (well if we are being honest, i have been looking forward to it since they booked me back in Jan of 08.) and it was even better than i imagined!  i was in photographer heaven all day long. i could fill my whole blog with their pictures. but i won't. as it is, i have a ton to share. and this post is heavy on couple shots. i know...i know...lots of my wedding posts are heavy on couple shots. i just can't help it. i love shots of brides and grooms in love and interacting on their special day. (and a HUGE shout out to Dani for all her help. i was still quite sick on the wedding day, and she totally saved me by helping me out all day long...)

ok....that is a lot of words. now on to what you really come to my blog for....the PICTURES:


joni got her hair and make up done at Salon Medusa in downtown La Crosse. the ambiance there is awesome. i totally reccommend it!








ok... i absolutely cannot get over joni and blair's "first look". they saw each other before the ceremony, it was just them (and these two crazy girls with cameras) and it was just fabulous---i teared up!!!-- i love the anticipation....the emotion...and just the reaction when they first saw each other. i don't push one way or another for couples to see each other before or after, but this first look made me want EVERYONE to do one. 








i get told often i take/post "too many" kissing pictures. ((never by the couples, always by people looking at the pictures)) and i say. it is a wedding day. KISS LONG AND OFTEN!!!! 




joni and blair stayed at the bentley-wheeler b&b, and the owners were awesome enough to let us take some pictures there. it was absolutely STUNNING! if you are looking for an unique place to stay after your wedding, check it out!


















ok. i was going to jampack all my favorites into one post, but i can see that was a crazy idea....there are just too many. so this has become part 1 of 2. check back for more joniandblair goodness soon!

(( thank you Joni and Blair for having me to photograph your day! and if you guys have interenet access there, i hope costa rica (!!!!!) is absolutely FABULOUS!))

beth and mike...the wedding

so...are you wondering where all the wedding posts are? if so you are in for a treat, because i will post two weddings this week. beth and mike were married may 9th, but i wanted to save their wedding post for when they were home from their honeymoon to see it and they are home! so here we go!


beth and mike had a COLD day for a wedding, but they didn't let that cool off their love and enthusiasm. they are such a sweet couple. their love was evident in every part of the day. it was so much fun. and they had a great wedding party....lots of fun!

ok....since we know i all post a mega amount of detail shots, i decided to combine most of them for this post...because i wanted to post them all AGAIN....







beth was lovely



and mike was oh so dapper



cutie pie kid antics during the ceremony




beth's mom had some fun balloon release ideas. it was SOOOOO windy the balloons whipped away super duper fast thoguh








i know this one is super simple, but it may just be my favorite....










there were some emotional speeches. i LOVE emotional speeches










 thank you beth and mike for letting me enjoy your fabulous day with you!

bridget + charlie 3.2.1 (part two)

bridget and charlie held their reception at the absolutely breathtaking Semple Mansion in Minneapolis. i loved shooting there. there was just so much character! and they had done a superb job of decorating. i loved all the details.



if it weren't already completely obvious, i had a bit of a love affair with this staircase. lol

the mansion had so many great nooks for pictures though....

one of the best features of the mansion is their super elegant bridal suite, so we had to grab some pictures of bridget and her girls in there


that is kristin knudson, my rockin' second shooter in this pic


thank you guys so much for letting me share in your magical day!

bridget + charlie 3.2.1 (part one)

i said it once, but i will say it again....bridget and charlie's wedding was fabulous. they were such a fun couple, and the details of the wedding were just wonderful. thank you for such a great day. and seriously...the weather couldn't have been any better.... especially for March.

bridget is just gorgeous




she wore her mom's wedding dress, which she reworked a little. i think that is just awesome. i love it when a bride has a unique sense of style. it was beautiful!




i love the look on bridget's face when she saw charlie for the first time that day










as always, i have a surplus of ring shots








um, ya, i have a strange fascination with feet shots, i know.... i promise, there are lots of shots with faces too. ;)



their church (on the St Thomas campus) was awesome





no matter how many weddings i photograph, i never get sick of the kiss




i was so enamoured with bridget's wedding day style,  i couldn't stop photographing her...




and charlie was seriously awesome too!


i decided since i have a plethora of images from their day, i will break this up into two posts, so watch out for more of this wonderful wedding soon!


and i also have to shout out to my fabulous second shooter, kristin knudson. seriously.... i love shooting with you! check her out, especially if you live in the Rochester MN area...she rocks.

maria and paul.....the wedding

maria and paul's wedding day was just wonderful, even though it rained all day. i have to love a couple that doesn't let the rain bother them one tiny bit. they were calm and happy and just blissfully in love all day, and it made for a perfect wedding day. it was so fun shooting at some different venues, and being in milwaukee. and all the details of the wedding made me so happy---I am a detail girl! so....with out further ado, the pictures!





i was so excited about this room that the girls got ready in. originally the church coordinator wanted to put maria and her girls in this ugly downstairs room,and the guys in this gorgeous parlor with tons of natural light, but maria wasn't having any of it. i am glad she wasn't the room was PERFECT for pictures




i may have had a teeny obsession with her shoes.




































a large portion of maria's family is greek, so there was lots of fun dancing















thank you to maria and paul and your families for including me on your beautiful wedding day! i had so much fun! and to maria and paul, i am SURE you are enjoying your honeymoon in Greece right now (color me JEALOUS!)


note to all---the deadline to enter our contest ends soon (this sunday!) so enter now! thanks to all our entries so far. we have some great stories!

mike + sarah.....the wedding

on saturday i had the honor of shooting mike and sarah's wedding. it was a breathtaking day... complete with awesome details, tons of emotion, a couple so in love that it was easy as pie to take good pictures of them, and fabulous weather (for winter in wisconsin). i had so much fun....seriously there are times, like saturday, that i have to remind myself this is actually my sure doesn't feel like a job on days like theirs. i also had the extreme pleasure of having the awesometastic dani stephenson second shoot for me. not only is she talented and lovely, she is super quick...she already has a blog post up, so check it out. mike and sarah, thank you SO much for having us. it was perfect!

and....because this is my first wedding of the season.....and my first wedding with my new camera.....and mike and sarah's last name is mullenberg i am posting A LOT of pictures. this is part one of two.

(who am i kidding? i am the worst person EVER at narrowing down.....i am making up excuses now to post like a maniac.... heheheh)


the absolutely gorgeous bride. seriously she smiled all day long. and was so calm.



check out dani's awesome shot of mike....totally working his groomness ;)


ummm... i had a bit of obsession with their rings. and you all know how much i love ring i have a few. lol


i was in love with her bouquets. and just her flowers in general. they were done by blossoms & bouquets out of wonewoc .

and of course, me being the big game player i am....i gotta love a bride and her girls that play bible mad gab while waiting for the ceremony to begin!


love the emotion here. sarah is radiantly excited and her mom and dad were so emotional



dani's take (having two shooters is awesome!)


this next series are some of my faves....


well...hopefully that is enough eye candy for today. part two will come later this week.


hannah and jarod part 3

part three! (remember to scroll down to see parts one and two, if you haven't)

i was super impressed with hannah and jarod's mad skating skills. they looked like they were dancing on ice.

and then...... they fell. it was pretty cute though....

needless to say, they are still awesome skaters, and i was uberimpressed. i would NEVER be able to glide like hannah did in her dress.


a quiet moment

their band was AWESOME. anyone looking for a live band should book them. i can't find their card at the moment, but if you are looking for a great live band contact me and i will get you their info


my friend dawn and her adorable son (who is just a few weeks older than chase). you'll see more of them (and brad, dawn's husband) soon!!!

i love when the bride and groom give speaches


thanks again guys. it was a great time. i was so lucky to be a part of this wedding. you have an awesome relationship, an awesome family...and are just downright awesome (ok...didn't i just say i was going to find a new word to overuse? lol)

hannah & jarod part 2

more from this awesome wedding. today i will be sharing some from the ceremony...

jarod relaxing right before the ceremony

these two guys who played and sang before/during the ceremony were great. i really enjoyed their music

hannah coming down the ice....she totally looked so neat


jarod as he watched her


moments from the ceremony


flowers were thrown on the ice in honor/remembrance of hannah's mom


they had a "first skate" as a family. SO sweet. the girls are awesome skaters!

then all their family and friends joined them on the ice

even more tomorrow!

hannah and jarod part 1

i had the EXTREME pleasure of photographing hannah and jarod's wedding this weekend. hannah is a high school friend, and one of my "game night girls", so it was great fun. not to mention that it was the most unique wedding i have ever been to. i loved every minute of it. in fact it was so unique, i am posting A LOT of pictures...enough so to make it a three parter! wow. so let's get started!



hannah and jarod have three gorgeous girls.




I love how it always takes so many girls to get a bride into her dress.





these portraits were taken at dusk. love how it gives everything a different look








 here are a couple hints about what made hannah and jarod's day so unique 




have you guessed?




it was held on ice! the whole ceremony was held on an ice rink and everyone--bride, groom and wedding party were on skates. i did NOT skate...i can't imagine the pictures.....but i did slip slide my way around the ice to take pictures and managed NOT to fall.





hannah and her dad before the ceremony


look for part two, including the ceremony tomorrow. thanks guys for making me part of your day.