Claudia and Wesley//The Backyard Wedding// Wisconsin

I seriously could gush about Claudia and Wes's wedding for a long time. It was all my favorites wrapped into one. An outdoor, at home wedding. A bride wearing her mom's wedding dress repurposed just for her. The couple praying together before the ceremony (with the groom blindfolded of course), all the bridesmaids choosing their own dresses, suspenders, and of course the cutest ring bearer in the history of ring bearers (no bias here of course). So even if Claudia wasn't my cousin, and Wes wasn't the PERFECT match for her, I would have loved their wedding. But... the added fun of family and the fact that after we met Wes for the first time, I just knew he was an amazing guy and the right one for Claud. Yeah, that made their wedding absolutely sublime.

Emily and Phillip//The Wedding//Madison WI

When I think back to  Emily and Phil's wedding day, I will remember an awesome dance party.. I mean, really? limbo? a pinata? glow sticks, tatoos, and funky costume? yes, please. I will remember Emily tearing up on the steps of the church when we took pictures of her and Phil and all of their guests. I will remember a walk through the UW-campus and on the terrace where a jovial group of card players happily bought Emily a beer. I will remember how happy and kind their family was, and how much fun they had with their wedding party. And of course, I will remember amazing red shoes, lovely flowers, a gorgeous dress, a ROCKING BAND.... and best of all I will remember the two of them, and the look in their eyes when they read their personal vows to each other at Badger Farms (after a formal church ceremony).  Yep, I will for sure remember their wedding as an amazing one! And I know they will too. 

Thanks a million to the amazing Jessica Brandau for joining me once again. I always LOVE having you along with me! 

Rachel and Adam// The Wedding// Madison, Wisconsin

Rachel had a first look with her dad before she had her first look with Adam


You know when you meet people and thier kidness just pours out over everything? That is how it is with Rachel and Adam. They are two of the most genuinely kind people I've ever met. From the way they treated us, to the way their friends and family talked about them in speeches, to the way they look at each other, their day was just completely full of their kind genuine natures. Rachel and Adam got ready and had their first look at the Capitol building in Madison, which was just incredibly cool....they read letters to each other from across the gallery, and the look on Adam's face when the elevator doors opened to reveal his saw it above. It was just incredible. They walked hand in hand to their ceremony at St. Patricks church, and then we spent a GORGEOUS May day with them, and their family and friends celebrating their love. It was a great way to kick off my local wedding season. And, um, did you notice they had DONUTS in leui of cake? Yeah. Best. desert. ever. Thanks so much to my friend Jessica Brandau of Forever Dear Photography for shooting with me, it was a joy to have you along, as always. Thank you to Rachel and Adam for including us in your day! 

Sara and Will ||||| O'brien Barn ||||| Film Wedding


Sara and Will were married at the O'brien Barn a few weeks ago. Not only is the farm one of my new favorite venues, it is also Will and his family's farm... so this was at an at home wedding for him, which makes it even cooler in my books.  I was in heaven for this wedding. Not only was I shooting film, but also...the details were amazing, Sara and Will and their wedding party were super chill and fun, AND some of the first words out of Sara and Will's mouths when we arrived were "We trust you and your vision" and "We don't want any photos that aren't real". Talk about being head over heels with a couple...I totally was. I also had Laura Zastrow shooting alongside me for the day. she is super duper fab, and I was lucky to have her along! Thank you so much Sara and Will for having us, we loved every minute of your celebration! 

these next two images were taken by the lovely laura 


Kristina and Tyler....milwaukee wedding photography

Tyler and Kristina got married a couple weeks ago and I have been eagerly awaiting them returning home from their honeymoon so I could post their wedding. It really was the loveliest of days. I've known Tyler (and basically all of his groomsmen) for too many years to count, as they are all friends of my younger brother. So it was great hanging out with them all again. And it was awesome to get to know Kristina better as well. I had such an amazing day with you both! and the light. seriously the light. everywhere the light on their wedding day just rocked. I adore natural light. ADORE.IT. you all know that though. now. on to the pictures! 


Thank you SO SO MUCH also to the fabulous Sheena Baughman who came with me and helped me out immensely and took gorgeous photos. 













something else you should know about kristina and tyler (and their friends and family. ya. they can dance. it was SOOOO much fun. and hilarious!)






Lucia and Jeremy....the wedding (Madison wedding photographer)

lucia and jeremy had a PERFECT day for a fall wedding. the weather this saturday was AMAZING. blue skies....just the slightest chill in the air. but crisp and perfect. it was a gorgeous day to get married. and since they are both UW alums and badger fans, it was fitting that they got married on the day of a HUUUUUGE badger football game (and win). lucia and jeremy like to have FUN. if you are around them for any amount of time you can definitely see that! lucia's laugh and smile and spirit are SO fabulous and jeremy is an amazing guy as well. i had a BLAST with them!!! I also loved their classy winery themed reception. sooo lovely. thanks guys for a great day!!! 


i love first looks! 


erin + dan...the wedding. NYC

i have been looking forward to erin and dan's wedding for a long time! not only did i get to travel to new york city, but their wedding was just so awesome. it was the first wedding I have ever photographed on a boat, with the fabulous new york skyline as a back drop. and beyond the super duper fabulous location....erin and dan are a spectacular couple. they were just so very nice and it was a pleasure to photograph their wedding. Thanks guys! and I have to thank my dear friend, Jessica Denter who came out with me and assisted. OH! and Erin and Dan make amaaaaaazing soaps (they gave some out as favors for the wedding) check them out: Serendipity Soaps














they had insanely yummy food...including an AMAZING desert bar





there are more photos from this wedding on my facebook page. (also a lot more new stuff. i have been doing MUCH better at posting on facebook, so things are getting on their long before they hit the blog)

ashley and scott..the wedding

ashley and scott's wedding was super fabulous. it was a beautiful day and ashley and scott were a dream---just up for ANYTHING. I swear I say the same things over and over, but I do SO love all my clients and this job! It is amazing. Thank you for having me photograph your day guys! And thanks to Mindy for joining me again--check out her blog for more photos!


Ashley and her bridesmaids got ready at Vineyard View cabins outside of Norwalk WI, and it was a PERFECT spot to get ready and for shooting details. I adored it. I could have photographed their all day long! 















i've photographed 

nicole and kyle part 3

i meant to post this third {and last} part of kyle and nicole's wedding earlier this week, but i have been crazycrazybusy trying to catch up and so am just now doing it. i also have a lot coming up on the blog---dani's maternity session, bridget and seth's wedding, the bloor family session and tanya and scott's engagement session---so be on the look out for all of those! 

kyle and nicole planned their wedding timeline around the light....seriously! they had their ceremony and dinner during the golden hours of light....and so we had to make use of it for some more portraits. I cannot stress enough how much "good" light can make pictures totally magical....

speaking of all the DIY projects for the wedding...doesn't the pond look nice? and it because kyle (among others) were up to their armpits in it mere hours before the wedding cleaning it out!!!

a family friend painted a swing for them, and it was hung in the tree where they got married....

the dance was held in the barn...which our parents had done SO much work to 


so years ago, at a cousin's wedding kyle and our cousin jesse did this hilarous dance off (ala napolean dynamite)....we BEGGED them to do it again.....and it took a lot of convincing on jesse's part, but they did it. and it was epic. seriously, pictures CANNOT do it justice......i just hope kyle and jesse know that they will be made to do this forevermore at every family wedding.....

another awesome feature of kyle and nicole's wedding was their photobooth/guest book. they had a photobooth set up where guests could dress up, write them messages on a chalkboard and have their picture taken

here are a couple of the shots from it....

not sure who that odd duck in the boa is.....


ahhhhhh...... as if you couldn't tell, i adore kyle and nicole, and am still reeling over how much i loved it. LOVE you guys! miss you! 

kyle and nicole part 2

part two today (this will be a three, maybe four! part post)

kyle and nicole held their ceremony under a HUGE tree on our parents land. the ceremony was done by our uncle, one of our aunts did a reading, and kyle's mom and dad did a reading. there was also acoustic guitar music by a cousin in law, and an AWESOME song by family friend.... all in all, it was a gorgeous and meaningful ceremony. i can assure you my eyes didn't stay dry! 





a moment right after the ceremony

their dinner (catered by Jake's Northwoods in Sparta and super yummy) was held in a tent in my parent's front yard. i adored the decorations and details, most of which were DIY projects that Nicole and friends and family put together....

there were tissue pom poms

centerpieces were stems of green mums in vases that nicole had found from scouring thrift stores with her gram

their favors were apples with little "leaves" that said k+n

they had hand painted signs pointing out the ceremony, dinner, dance, restrooms, photo booth (more on that in the next post)....etc.



and cupcakes by Kristi's Cakes and Pastries in Wilton


i LOVE this one of my papa being suave and giving me a wink

you all know i can never just post ONE ring shot, and it is no different today ;)

i will finish up this post with a couple of portraits. more tomorrow!


kyle and nicole part 1

i really don't even know where to begin with this wedding. even if it wasn't my brother and my fabulous new sister in law's wedding, it would have been awesome. the fact that they are family and i love them to bits just helped it be THAT much more awesome. i am going to go totally overboard with pictures, but hey...this is my blog, i adore them! 

but seriously, this wedding was just my favorite sort in all kinds of ways. Full of unique details, DIY projects, and held in one of the most awesome locations ever---my parents farm---kyle and nicole totally rocked the wedding world. :)

so....on to the pictures. with more narration than i usually use on my blog, but seriously, so many unique ideas were in play, and so much went on, that i just have to gush a little. 

oh! and i have to say that kyle and nicole, with help from family and friends planned the whole wedding in four months! it CAN be done! 

first off...getting MY HOUSE! it is not often i get to shoot the bride doing her hair and make up while sitting on my own bed in my pj's snuggling my baby. :)

nicole did her own hair and make up! waaaaay talented! 


one of the cool things about this wedding is that kyle and nicole's true style shone through in their apparel. nicole took her shoes and totally made them her own by adding these rocking purple buttons

she did the same with her dress---she had the one strap added, totally gave the dress a completely different look. 

and i LOVED the flowers! 

kyle and nicole were both getting dressed in the upstairs of my parents was so odd to have them both up there but not seeing each other. so we had to take a picture of them together......but not really together

kyle and i's grandpa helped him with his tie

see what i mean about style? LOVED the suit. my dapper brother waiting for his bride

since they saw each other before the ceremony, we had time before to do lots of couples portraits. and they were serious troopers. we went up hills, in the middle of roads, and all over the farm. nicole's dress had some bugs in the lining, but she was awesome, and knew it was all worth it, for the pictures ;)



nicole could hardly stand being stuck inside the house while all the guests arrived....

we really didn't think my papa carr would be able to come to kyle's wedding---but he was there....and i was so happy to spend some time with him, and capture some priceless photos (more to come!)

amelia totally ADORES her uncle kyle

i will end this post with a shot of kyle and our grammy carr.....more tomorrow! 

logan and anto....part 2

more pictures from this wonderfuly fun wedding. i LOVE family weddings!
















Logan and Anto's last name is Hill.....


I can't get over their ceremony spot. it was amazing. and worth the hour long (and CRAZY WINDY) limo ride we took to get there...

 the next two pictures are of the part in their ceremony where I lost it. I cried SOOOO hard. it was amazing. logan and anto took communion and he prayed over her. it was SUCH a powerful moment. and I, being a total blubber baby, was WEEPING.


 and who is this adorable little girl ;) another great thing about family weddings is seeing my own little ones all dressed up


the view was just insane!





amelia and my uncle brian singing a song with the word love in it. it was "LOVE. twinkle, twinkle little star"

















it was such a blessing to be with my family, and to meet anto and her family. anto: i am so glad you are part of our family now, and logan i am so happy for you! i hope we can see you guys again soon!


logan and antonina....part 1

labor day weekend my family and i traveled to South Carolina for my cousin logan's wedding. i was SOOOOO happy and blessed to be there and to be able to capture this special day. it was an absolutely GORGEOUS wedding. i was in awe of logan and anto's personal style, their ceremony, the locations....just everything. the weather, the people, the couple...just everything came together and it was awesome. i could gush.....because well, who doesn't want to gush about family? but i will just start posting pictures instead so you can all see the fabulousness of it all! :)

i have a couple from the rehersal and rehersal dinner that were just too fun not to share...







 on the day of the wedding, i started out with anto and her bridesmaids in their hotel room getting ready...












 logan and anto saw eachother before the ceremony, their first look was so sweet!


aren't they just the cutest couple ever???? seriously, you can't take a bad picture of these two! OH! and anto wore her mother's wedding dress! i love it! AND i ADORE logan's suit! I am totally digging the look some of my grooms are pulling off! stylin!!!!!










this tree was just TOO amazing. i had to make good use of it!










part 2 coming soon!

amber and jeremy.....the wedding

amber and jeremy got married last was a super fun day! i feel like i say the same things over and over about all of my couples, but it is true! everyone is so great, and all the weddings I am blessed to be a part of are just so much fun! amber and jeremy are adorable together, and they gave me a super long time to shoot them alone around the grounds of maple grove country club, so i went super heavy on the bride and groom shots {again! lol} thank you to you both! i loved being a part of your day

getting ready! {i was feeling b&w for these....}

totally jealous of amber's lashes  







i had the lovely and talented Alice Trost shooting with me for this wedding and the idea behind this next picture was all hers...















i was SUPER DUPER in love with this tree, as you will no doubt realize. i may have said i wanted to eat it....not sure what i meant by that (other than i was insanely excited about how gorgeous it was) i think that amber, jeremy, and the nice man who drove alice and i around in a golf cart all think i am nuts. ;)


 jeremy loves to golf, so it was fitting we took most of their couple's shots on a golf course




this next shot the work of miss alice! great job, girl! i love how jeremy is grinning at amber









alice's shot below


alice's shot on the far right



 next two photos courtesy of alice....





 a rousing game of musical chairs





there is just a little height difference between amber and jeremy



LOVE this shot of alice's


alice's shot on the right. she shares my foot shot "thing"






thank you to amber, jeremy, friends and family! what a great day!


sarah and devin....the wedding, part 2

and now for part two of this joy-filled wedding, starting with some bride and groom shots

sarah's veil was AWESOME! sarah was my first bride to wear a cathedral length veil, and i loved it!















i really loved the bridesmaid look that sarah picked. from the awesome shoes you saw yesterday, to the elegant dresses, the gorgeous flowers and the necklaces totally rocked!


okay, this is a blog first for me. i have NEVER posted a family formal shot, but today i am for a couple reasons. first of all, yes i do take them (in moderation!), secondly, look at this gene wonder sarah and devin are so stunning!!!!

but the main reason  I am posting these to encourage people planning weddings to consider taking your family formals somewhere other than the front of the church. take your family formals outside in gorgeous evening light....and i think you will end up with formals that are a little more relaxed, and really pretty at the same time!







two different views of {almost} the same picture










sarah's dad gave a really great speech


julie and sarah REALLY made me wish i had a sister. you girls are too cute!




devin's mom made an awesome slideshow for the newlyweds. it was awesome. they laughed, they cried....













 the end


thanks again to you both for having me as your photographer!


sarah and devin....the wedding part 1

okay....i am going to admit to going a little {maybe a lot} overboard with sarah and devin's sneak's just that once i got started, i couldn't stop. their whole day was just so wonderful... i was truly blessed to be a part of it. there was just so much love in every single part of the day. and excitement! seriously.....being with sarah and the bridesmaids that morning was a blast because they were all sooooo excited! sarah was brimming with joy and her bridesmaids were soooo thrilled for her. it was awesome to see. and sarah and devin together, wow.

 i could gush, gush, gush......but i will stop and get on to the pictures.... i will say that i totally LOVE my job. i am SO lucky that couples invite me to share in one of the happiest and most special days of their lives. seriously crazylucky!

 and thank you to sarah and devin and your family and friends for making me feel so welcome and being so very awesome. i hope you enjoy your sneak peek.....


i met sarah, her mom and her sister at the salon the morning of the wedding. they were already having so much fun




if sarah's sister julie looks familiar.....she is!.....i just did her engagement session about a month ago



here is some of that excitement I talked about.....i think this is when sarah started to feel like a bride!



then i got to go hang out with the guys a little bit....


awesome wedding bands




i so love little details like this....devin had his initials sewn on his cuffs is my wedding tip of the day...if at all possible i urge you to get ready at your house (or hotel if that is where you are staying) it is just so much more relaxed and fun, and usually soooo much better ambience than a church basement. i know that lots of brides worry about getting their dresses wrinkled or dirty, and i totally understand that.....but if it is a close drive, it probably isn't going to get noticeably wrinkled (if at all!)..... and i think it is sooo worth it for the awesome pictures (of course i would say that and the fun of getting ready somewhere where you can relax and be comfortable....

sarah and the girls got ready at her parents house, which was gorgeous and had awesome places to shoot the details and getting ready shots....

looooooved the bridesmaid shoes


and sarah's dress.


and her shoes? oooooh those shoes!



more of the droolworthy shoes. and here is an example of the kind of shot you can only get 'at home'....the pictures above the shoes are sarah and her mom when she was!


one of my favorite moments of the day. sarah got in her dress and all of the girls erupted in squeals of excitement. i honestly was a little overcome with emotion by it, and may have teared up. i am such a girl!


sarah is GORGEOUS!




that picture of sarah and her mom? sarah's grandma made drawing of it that was hanging in sarah's parents bathroom.....i love this shot....





sarah and her mom


the shot on the right is more of that excitement!!!





their unbelievably adorable ring bearer sprinted up the aisle















seriously stunning bling


and more.....drool!


sarah and her brother










and i will end this post with one of my favorite bride and groom shots of the day


stay tuned for more {told you i went a little crazy....}

amber and seth.....the wedding --- 8.8.09

amber and seth's wedding was a HOT one! but SO much fun. I enjoyed spending the day with them and their super fun wedding party! they all braved the heat like troopers. I am always a bit nervous when I haven't met the bride and groom before the day, but amber and seth were both soooo nice i felt right at home! and the emotion of the day! you all know i am a huge fan of emotion, so their day was right up my alley. thanks guys for having me travel to steven's point for your wonderful wedding!





see....emotion! i love seth's face and how his mom is looking at him as amber comes down the aisle












we had to stop and get a picture of amber and seth with their doggy! so cute!







i really like this next one!





reception fun!














i don't think words can describe how much i love this next picture....what a CUTIE!


congrats again and thanks for a great day amber and seth!  

kim and nigel's las vegas wedding.

kim and nigel are so cute together. in fact, they are the kind of couple that makes their friends gag a bit at their cuteness ;) they are just so in love...they can't keep their eyes off of each other. the way they look at each other is just so awesome. and they had SUCH a fun wedding! they, and about 40 of their friends and family flew out to vegas to celebrate and it was a BLAST! Matt and I were blessed and honored to be there. we had so much fun! it was an amazing weekend. i have so many hilarous photos from our time there....but a lot of it will be filed under "what happens in vegas stays in vegas" but I do think I can share these on the blog. Thank you soooo much kim and nigel for having me! I was really really excited that I could be there to take part in your weekend!


oh! and i just have to post this picture first. I was THERE the night kim and nigel first met, at erika and pauly's wedding. 


and now....their wedding! since i was there with them all weekend, i got to go with them when they got their marriage licence. that was very cool!



what did i tell you about the way they look at each other?

wehad the MOST hilarous cabbie! he was cracking us up. he told me "you know theymake digital cameras you can fit in your purse now"   



this is the kind of behavior that earns them gagging faces behind their backs ;)


kim's shoes were another drool worthy pair. THANK YOU to my brides this year for feeding into my shoe obsession!!!!


some super Vegasy ring pics





kim is so gorgeous!!! you can't take a bad picture of her!


sadly i wasn't allowed to take pictures AT ALL in the this is the last one i got before the ceremony. but the ceremony was lovely....and my fingers itched the whole time to take my camera out. silly chapel rules :(








updating her facebook status--LOVE IT!





even in the middle of vegas, i tend to gravitate to"nature" shots....

this is my favorite! i was so excited i actually showed it to kim and nigel on the back of my camera....which, if you have ever been photographed by me before you know I NEVER do....








nigel sang "Jersey Girl" to Kim (she is from New Jersey originally) it was beyond sweet



sometimes matt and i are gagworthy

their reception was held at the espnzone, and it was just awesome! everyone got to play in the game room for a couple of was sooo much fun!









posting the pictures makes me want to go back and do it all over again! seriously, kim and nigel, i can't thank you enough for bringing me to vegas with you to take part in your special day {weekend!}. it was just fabulous to see you guys and celebrate your love!!!!  

amy and andy.....the wedding part 1

amy and andy got married a couple weekends ago in minneapolis. it was an absolutely wonderful wedding....and even though it was very chilly day (especially for july!), everything was just great! all the details and locations were gorgeous, amy had an awesome timeline with ample time for pictures in super fun locations! it was great. and amy and andy are such a cute couple. it was just a blast!









i am posting a lot more group photos than was just that we had so much time to be creative and such cool locations take them, that i just had so much fun! and i like how even though we took them seperately, some of the same "things" seemed to happen.....


























stay tuned to part 2 {couple pictures and reception shots} later this week!!!!