so sore.....but totally worth it

personal post alert!

i just had to post a HUGE THANK YOU to a bunch of people today. My friend Jess and I ran the St Clare Health Mission Half Marathon in La Crosse today (as a part of their Fitness Festival). It was a gorgeous day to run! And the race was so well put on, I thought. So THANK YOU to the city, the sponsors, the fans, the volunteers and everyone who made it possible. It was a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning. And thank you to my husband--who, I don't think even reads my blog, what is WRONG with him?-- for being my awesome mega fan! And to bonnie and charlie, and jenny and ellie who also came out to cheer Jess and I on. It was an awesome time. Now..... I need to find another race for the fall, so I don't sit around and let myself turn into jelly. I hope all of you had a great Sunday also. (oh! and how like a photographer that i spent a bunch of the race checking out all the photographers that were shooting the race and trying to see what cameras/lenses they were using. HA!)



ps--if you haven't seen Mariah and Gabe's last post is right under this one

pps--i know a LOT of you are waiting on galleries. i have been swamped, but will work like a mad woman to get you your pictures ASAP! thanks for being awesomely patient!

ppps--dates for lifestyle/engagement shoots are filling up fast. i am already booked on weekends through the end of June, and have limited weekday availability. if you would like to book a session, contact me ASAP

more from the cute kid files, chase's turn

yep. he is one big ball of cute. and he is already six months old. he is a sitting up on his own, eating solid foods, screech monkey half a year old boy. in the heck can half a year go by in the blink of an eye? i don't know....but it has. he is our chubby bundle of love. he has this goofy gummy smile that can totally pull your heartstrings and bring a smile to anyones face. he is mostly a content and happy little fellow. but, like his sister, he inherited mama's temper.  and the rolls on this guys. i only wish rolls were as cute on me as they are on him. being that amelia weighed the same as him when she was about 18 months, we aren't used to a little chunk...but we are loving it!













and as if that isn't enough of me posting pictures of my children like the craziest kind of camera obsessed mama....there is another post yet to come. full of sibling love goodness

where was her mother?

this is a few months old, but i meant to share it and then never did. amelia was having LOTS of fun


and for those that are waiting....waiting.....waiting for me to post some NEW stuff, you only have a short wait left. my wedding season starts in earnest this weekend (I have three fabulous March weddings!)  with Maria and Paul's Milwaukee wedding. So check back for that.

I will be out of town Friday-Sunday so I won't be answering phone calls and emails until Monday.

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are you sick of....

pictures of my kids yet? is a COLD winter, and I am wimpus who doesn't want to go outside and shoot. and i am still enjoying my last tiny bit of "maternity leave" before the family lifestyle shoots and weddings begin. so for now, you will continue to get personal stuff!


i took these of amelia way back in october when it was still nice outside. sigh....for those days again.....

giving thanks

(warning: rather large brain dump to follow)

this time of year my thoughts, as those of many others, turn towards what i am thankful for. i am so blessed. so so blessed. i don't think we really comprehend how blessed we are a lot of the time. sometimes i fall victim to the "wants" and "i don't haves" and feel like lamenting that i don't have the newest this or that or camera ;) and forget that compared to so much of the world that don't even have a warm house to sleep in, clean clothes everyday (let alone a closet full of them) or even food to feed their childreand n, i am SO SO rich.

so this thanksgiving, i am really thinking of all the ways the Lord has blessed me.

my family. this is numero uno for sure. i have two healthy, happy children. they are miracles in themselves. i know that i can let the "stress" of motherhood consume me at times, and forget to cherish EVERY SINGLE moment. and i need to cherish them, because each moment, even the hard ones, are precious. i have a wonderful husband who works so hard to provide for us, is a wonderful father to chase and amelia, and is just all around a GREAT person who i am blessed to share my life with. and my extended family. i have the BEST extended family hands down. parents who love us and give us so much, from wisdom, to help with the kids to fabulous meals. we only hope we can follow in their footsteps. siblings to share the fun of life with. and a humongous jumble of aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins that make me look forward to each holiday

friends. what would i do without their shoulders to lean on, the ears to cry to, their arms to hug? without our game nights? to watch and recite the princess bride with? without their constant support and laughs and phone calls?

my job. which doesn't always feel like a job. you all, who let me into your lives. let me into your families. you give me glimpses of what makes you blessed and thankful, and i walk away a better person for your sharing with me. THANK YOU ALL! the fact that you have faith in me to take your most important photographs still makes my day every time.

my faith: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

and so much more. so yep. i am blessed. i have so many things to be thankful for. i have no reason to long for reason to feel less than thankful.

wow. so that was a rambly post for sure, but it was on my heart.

of course, i can't post without a few photographs of two of my blessings