oliver and family

oliver was too adorable. seriously, just cute, cute cute! i love shooting babies 6-8 months old. they have such a personality and can sit up by themselves, but can't get away. lol. i love how his mama and daddy interacted with him, just a fabulous little family. this session was also a little emotional because Megan, oliver's mama, is being deployed to Iraq in a few weeks. Thank you so much Megan for your sacrifice for this country and the work you do, we appreciate you and all of our troops! 




















annika....and her mom & dad too....

i had the pleasure of meeting up with this family yesterday. the dad is home on leave from iraq and they wanted some pictures of their adorable little family before he had to go back. it was a cold day--even though the temperature reached a whole 20 degrees ABOVE zero--- so we only snuck outside for a few shots, but we had fun nonetheless. here is a small sneak peek of the fun!

annika wasn't sure about me at first. i loved how she was clinging to her daddy



but she warmed up super fast








i love these next two













we did get to sneak outside for a couple pictures, before we all got too cold. it was annika's first time in the snow, so it was so fun to be able to be there to document that




these are two of my favorite family pictures!!!





thanks guys! like i said had so much fun!

we are family

on thanksgiving i had a little too much fun. first off, i got to take a couple pictures of one of my favorite families, my aunt sue, uncle scott and dobbs cousins.

this picture makes me want sisters


i also took a nice walk with aunt sue and some of the cousins... yay for exercise. and yay for fun times playing with a wide angle lens.

i have no shame to post such an awful picture of myself. ha!


and since this post is random, lets throw in a few of my kiddos for good measure