Emily and Phillip//The Wedding//Madison WI

When I think back to  Emily and Phil's wedding day, I will remember an awesome dance party.. I mean, really? limbo? a pinata? glow sticks, tatoos, and funky costume? yes, please. I will remember Emily tearing up on the steps of the church when we took pictures of her and Phil and all of their guests. I will remember a walk through the UW-campus and on the terrace where a jovial group of card players happily bought Emily a beer. I will remember how happy and kind their family was, and how much fun they had with their wedding party. And of course, I will remember amazing red shoes, lovely flowers, a gorgeous dress, a ROCKING BAND.... and best of all I will remember the two of them, and the look in their eyes when they read their personal vows to each other at Badger Farms (after a formal church ceremony).  Yep, I will for sure remember their wedding as an amazing one! And I know they will too. 

Thanks a million to the amazing Jessica Brandau for joining me once again. I always LOVE having you along with me! 

candi and ryan....engagement (madison engagement photography)

last week I was supposed to photograph candi and ryan's madison engagement session, but the forecast called for rain ALL day so we rescheduled. well it never did rain, but it was a cold and windy day and since we got to take their pictures on perhaps one of the prettiest first days of november ever, I say we made a good decision. i had a super nice time with candi and ryan.... i am sure i talked their ears off. they were just adorable and the evening was so lovely. thanks guys! enjoy your preview!! 

we started out at owen park conservation park in madison. I just love this spot and the light was seriously to DIE for! 





then we went down to the lake right as the sunset



our last stop was the very lecture hall where candi and ryan met at UW. I thought this was SUCH an adorable idea! 


cassie and jessie.....engagement

everytime i shoot an engagement session I ask the couple all about their wedding....I am sooooo in love with wedding details, it is just SO fun to hear all about them. And hearing about Cassie and Jessie's wedding makes me SOOOOOOOOOO excited. As you all know I am a HUGE advocate for making your wedding reflective "YOU" as a couple and who you are, and Cassie and Jessie are going to do just that. Not to mention it will be at Pedretti's Party Barn, which is one of my favorite local venues. 

Cassie and Jessie's engagement session was also very....errrrr....eventful. you will have to ask them for the story ;) AND I have to mention that they just had an ADORABLE baby boy. Yes, Cassie just had a baby like two weeks ago. Seriously? doesn't she look amazing???? 

thanks so much guys! I had so much fun photographing the two of you! 

cassie has a FABULOUS laugh


the light in the haw mow was INSANE...and the dust floating around was super cool too

we had to sneak a couple with their adorable new addition


two of my super faves. i couldn't decide between them



these two are SO in love.




and, again, more in their facebook album

tyler and kristina.....engagement

it was so fun photographing tyler and kristina's engagement session. tyler was in school (ever since kindergarten!) with my brother so I have known him for a very long time. and they are such a FUN couple that it made my job so easy. We met at Maple Ridge Orchard for a few pictures, and that was fabulous--not only a great place for pictures, but we also both got big bags of Honeycrisp apples. and if you don't know...honeycrisp? BEST.APPLES.EVER! Thank you Tyler and Kristina! I can't wait to photograph your wedding near Milwaukee next year! 



it was a little chilly (especially since we were in the middle of the woods)

check out their facebook album for more! 

amy and brad....engagament

i'll admit it, i was really reluctant to shoot amy and brad's session last friday evening. it had been raining HARD all day long, and the evening was looking for more of the same. i wasn't sure we would get ANYTHING in the rain, and i was worried about my equipment. but....with scheduling and brad moving to utah for a few months for an internship we really needed to get the session in. So.... we did! the rain wasn't TOO hard while we were shooting, and brad and amy were AWESOME about being out in the elements and trekking through wet fields and grass. and really, the effect the rainy foggy evening had was awesome. i am SO glad we decided to do the session in the rain. there is definitely a different feel than most of my engagement sessions. Thank you to amy and brad for being so adventurous. i had an AWESOME time with you guys. Can't wait until your June 2010 wedding!










amy and brad are incoperating sunflowers into their wedding, so they brought a bouquet of them for their session.. LOVED IT!





if you look close enough you can see the rain in this one 







amy and brad are both talented musicians, so they brought their guitars and rocked out together. and WOW! they totally gave me chills. I loved listening to them sing and play!






by this time it was crazy foggy so we had to take advantage of that


 i looooove this next one!





seriously---one of my favorite engagement sessions EVER! thanks again guys!


PS---next week is another busy week on the blog, look for Amber & Seth's wedding monday, Chelsea & Taylor's senior pictures, my own family session (shot by Dani!) and Sarah & Devin's wedding (which i am shooting tomorrow in IL) by the end of the week....

clayton and julie....engaged

i'm not gonna lie..... i am pretty excited about clayton and julie's engagement session......as i am sure you will be able to tell by the fact that i am posting a million or so photographs from it.

it was just a beautiful evening for pictures last thursday....and julie had researched an awesome location in madison--- owen conservation park. not to mention that julie and clayton are gorgeous people, both inside and out. that, and the fact that they are so in love and have an absolute blast together was obvious even in the short time we were together. {plus, they treated me to some supersuperSUPER yummy ice cream...so really, how can i not gush?}

thanks again guys! it was just great getting to meet you in person, and i CANNOT wait for your wedding next year. (and for sarah's--julie's sister--wedding in a few weeks!)















this is why i had so much fun with clayton and julie....they went from this:


to this:

in exactly five seconds...too much fun!

so we trekked into this REALLY high grass...we were talking about ticks, and mice and other creatures that could be in the grass


so, i get them all set up....holding hands, being in love, etc. etc. etc. and all the sudden clayton yells and jumps


he was just teasing, hoping i would catch julie's reaction, but unfortunately he is too good of an actor, and I reacted, jumping and squealing too.... lol (i think what flashed through my mind is 'oh no, i brought them out in this crazy grass and now a snake bit him...." or something along those lines...)




 per usual, i took way more horizontal than vertical pictures. i wonder why that is... (all photographers out there, do you tend to take more of one type of picture than the other? and if so...which?)














 isn't julie's ring stunning? LOVE IT!










ICE CREAM!!!! it was so good. thanks again guys!

lynn + matt....engagement

on friday night i got to shoot lynn and matt's engagement pictures, and oh my goodness, was it FUN! we trekked up into minnesota to a state park that lynn used to frequent when she was younger. it was a GORGEOUS place for pictures. and even though the rained was threatening, and dripped on us some, we got some great pictures. lynn and matt were totally rockstars for hiking all around the park dodging raindrops. and ijust had a blast with them. they are a GREAT couple and we have tons in common...and i am seriously SO excited for their wedding this december....we discussed all sorts of awesome unique details and things they are doing. it is going to be awesome! thanks again guys for a super fun night and i hope you enjoy this little peek....








have i ever mentioned how much i love detail shots.... and flowers (that some may call weeds) ;)