ok. i admit it... i am a SUCKER for little boys with curls and big beautiful eyes. seriously, isn't he just the cutest little thing EVER? and such a camera flirt too....he was giving me all sorts of soulfull looks. thanks ashley and braxtyn. it was lovely photographing you!


















another one i can't resist shooting uber close up... i mean, just LOOK at those eyes!



this was the last shot of the day, and i like how braxtyn is like, "that's it, i am OUTTA here...."


more from the cute kid files, chase's turn

yep. he is one big ball of cute. and he is already six months old. he is a sitting up on his own, eating solid foods, screech monkey half a year old boy. in the heck can half a year go by in the blink of an eye? i don't know....but it has. he is our chubby bundle of love. he has this goofy gummy smile that can totally pull your heartstrings and bring a smile to anyones face. he is mostly a content and happy little fellow. but, like his sister, he inherited mama's temper.  and the rolls on this guys. i only wish rolls were as cute on me as they are on him. being that amelia weighed the same as him when she was about 18 months, we aren't used to a little chunk...but we are loving it!













and as if that isn't enough of me posting pictures of my children like the craziest kind of camera obsessed mama....there is another post yet to come. full of sibling love goodness

Nadia and Cyrus

First off.... I have to say THANKS for all the comments lately. Like I said, I do get superduper excited when I see new comments, so you all totally made my day!!! Keep them coming.


On Saturday I had a quick session with my friend Beth's kids. You may recognize them! I have been photographing them for a long time. We were mentioning that on Saturday...that when I first photographed Nadia she was six months old and I was pregnant with Amelia. Now we both have two children! Wow how things evolve.

Here is just a very small sneak peek for you Beth!