A little piece of my heart /// An essay on my "why"

It’s been on my heart and mind for a while to write a blog post, one that really gets to the heart of the WHY I do wedding photography. A blog post that really speaks to my passion for the couples and the days that I document. I finally have sat down and put pen to paper---errrrr….finger to keyboard to do just that.

First, I have to say that I absolutely ADORE documenting couples on their wedding day.  To me, the reason why I am a photographer, and why I am mainly a wedding photographer is that  I am a huge fan of  REAL, UNSCRIPTED, UNPROMPTED MOMENTS.  It 100% completely fills me up to look for the beauty in each and every moment. The huge ones, the calm ones, the in between, the moments you will never forget, and the ones you just may forget if you didn’t have photographic proof they happened. I truly believe there is so much beauty in both the momentous and the mundane. That is why I capture weddings in a natural and candid way. I am not all about fluffing dresses and spending tons of time posing people to a “T”, tweaking each and every subtle nuance and limb.   It gives me joy to watch people interact naturally, to love on each other in their own way, to embrace the moments and to embrace their loved ones. Which is why you won’t find me working from a must have photo list or a pinterest shot board. I absolutely am not going to make your day a string of “photo ops” taken from the what the internet thinks will make your day picture perfect, or from another person’s wedding. Because that isn’t YOUR DAY. That isn’t what makes your love unique or special and that isn’t authentic.  I’ve come to the conclusion over the years that what is really beautiful and awe-inspiring is the things that are real. Emotion. Connection.  Joy. Sadness. Love.  THAT is what I am passionate about photographing on a wedding day. That is why I don’t spend hours on posed shots, and making people “look perfect” and on must have lists and ring shots and pictures of centerpieces. Because I want to document the real beauty of what makes you YOU. I know I’ll have people ask me, “ Don’t you think it’s important to take a picture of the bride and her mom (etc)?” and yes… of course I do, but to  me, it is SO much more important to take a picture of a bride’s mother and her joy at helping her daughter step in to her wedding dress, at a father’s emotion as he is about to walk his little girl down the aisle, of the groom and his grandfather laughing over a private joke, and of the couple goofing off and interacting with their wedding party than it is to get a photo with those same people staring at and trying to smile naturally for the camera. To me, true beauty is found in real moments, not in perfectly styled, scripted and posed ones.


I am also passionate about having a true connection with the couples I photograph.  I want to know the two of you, and what makes you tick,  what really is important to you. I want to come to the wedding like a trusted friend, not a stand off vendor with a camera, just there to click the shutter and make a pretty picture, but to REALLY see you, and see the moments in a day that make it true to you and make it authentic. For that reason I like to be in close communication with you throughout the entire planning process. I like to meet beforehand---whether that in be in person, via the phone, via skype, or just via a string of long emails!  But even before that, I want to connect with couples BEFORE they decide to book with me. I want to work with couples who connect with my vision of authentic emotional imagery.  I want to work with couples who TRUST my vision and know that I will be capturing the images that they want because they have seen my work, heard my heart, and know my passions, and feel the same.  I will fully admit that I don’t work to my fullest capacity when I feel like I am just a vendor that was checked off of a list. Just someone in attendance with a nice camera to go down a shot list and capture each one…without thought to the day and the heart of the couple. That isn’t me. 

Ilove photographing weddings. I truly do. I love giving couples authentic and artistic representations of them, and of what makes their wedding and their relationships special. I feel like I do this best when couples really understand my work and my philosophy. I KNOW that I am not the best photographer for everyone. I embrace that fact. We aren’t all the same, everyone has different passions, different tastes, different preferences. If someone is looking for perfectly styled images that look straight out of a high fashion magazine, or has pages of highly posed formal images, or wants a list of images that pinterest declares that “YOU MUST HAVE WITH YOUR BRIDESMAIDS” , or even hundreds ofperfectly thought out details shots ready to be published on a wedding blog, then I am not the photographer for them.  I think before anyone books a photographer they really need decide what they really want out of their photographs and to book a photographer whose vision matches that. I want to give my couples images that are true to them, that are true to the moments of the day, whether those moments are small, or full of tears, or full of smiles, or can’t even be described by words. I want couples to hire me not just because I photographed their friends wedding and was recommended, or they found me on a vendor list,  or they googled “wedding photographer” and my name was the first they saw…..or really for any reason other than because they truly connect with and appreciate both my images AND my heart for what I want to capture and the story I want to tell. 

Thank you for reading! All of this is so important to me. I truly believe that if I am to create images that matter and that my clients will cherish for years to come, and if I am to stay passionate about what I do, it is very important to me to work with couples who really share the same vision and heart as I do towards authentic, in-the-moment imagery. If that speaks to your soul, please contact me!