James David//the birth story//at home

*a note, if you want to see the slideshow in HD, how it should be seen, click here

I still cannot believe I was able to photograph the birth of James David. Rachael had contacted me quite awhile ago to photograph her at home labor and delivery, and believe me when I say I was thrilled. I have wanted to photograph a home birth for, well, forever. She told me her due date was June 15th, which was great because although we had a family vacation already scheduled for June 22nd, Rachael and I were were both confident her wee one would arrive before then, since her firstborn had only been 4 days postdate. When June 22nd rolled around and baby #2 hadn't arrived I was so heartsick I would miss his birth. And then……..he decided he was nice and comfy in there and he waited until Rachael was 41 + 6 (anyone who has ever been pregnant can empathize with Rachael on that one) and I was home from my vacation to make his arrival. 

I was so honored and blessed to be present as the Linehan family welcomed their newest member. It was honestly so beautiful. Rachael was an amazingly strong mama, her husband Davey was super sweet and encouraging, their son Johnny, adorable and tender with his mama. And her midwife team from Foot Prints in Time Midwifery were absolutely wonderful. (Check them out if you are considering a home/birth center birth, for sure. They were so great to work with!)  The whole time I spent with them was just so, so sweet and meaningful.

I will NEVER tire of photographing births. There are my favorite. Seriously, I don't choose to photograph births just to tick another box of "things I will photograph". It is a calling for me, a passion. I think the miracle of birth and the moments when a new being is brought earth side and placed in their mother's arms are magical. I am passionate about birth in general (but maybe that is a conversation for another time), and so birth photography is just a natural extension of two of my loves. PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me if you are considering having your labor and delivery photographed. And…I would absolutely LOVE to do more home births. (hint hint to any home birth mama's out there!)