Stephanie and Tony//The Wedding//Joppa, Maryland

Do you know what is most important to me when working with couples on their wedding days?It isn't great fashions, or fabulous details, or glamourous isn't even gorgeous natural light (even though that ranks high up on the list.).... what is most important to me is that the couple trusts me and my photographic style and vision. That even when I may move them from the expected place where most couples do their photos at a certian venue to a weedy off the beaten path spot, that when I grab them from their last few bites of dinner because of a perfect sunset, that when I have them do something completely unexpected, that is is all for a good reason and they go with it, with out even batting an eye. THAT is the top most important thing to me. And Stephanie and Tony fit that bill to a T. I love how excited they were about my work and how willing they were to go with whatever! Thanks guys, for being fabulous. 

I was so excited to travel to the Baltimore area for a third wedding! The last time I was out there was for Erica and Dave's wedding....and it was Erica who referred Stephanie and Tony my way, and I am so thankful she did! It was fun to see a past couple and reconnect! And Stephanie and Tony's wedding was SO MUCH FUN! I loved being there to see their dance party get into full, they could dance! Their venue , Mountain Branch Resort was fabulous, as was the gorgeous flowers Stephanie and Tony chose.  AND the cute kids....well, you can tell by the amount of pictures I took of the kids in the wedding party that I was smitten with them! What a great day! I am so thankful to Stephanie and Tony and their family and friends!