Claudia and Wesley//The Backyard Wedding// Wisconsin

I seriously could gush about Claudia and Wes's wedding for a long time. It was all my favorites wrapped into one. An outdoor, at home wedding. A bride wearing her mom's wedding dress repurposed just for her. The couple praying together before the ceremony (with the groom blindfolded of course), all the bridesmaids choosing their own dresses, suspenders, and of course the cutest ring bearer in the history of ring bearers (no bias here of course). So even if Claudia wasn't my cousin, and Wes wasn't the PERFECT match for her, I would have loved their wedding. But... the added fun of family and the fact that after we met Wes for the first time, I just knew he was an amazing guy and the right one for Claud. Yeah, that made their wedding absolutely sublime.