Emily and Phillip//The Wedding//Madison WI

When I think back to  Emily and Phil's wedding day, I will remember an awesome dance party.. I mean, really? limbo? a pinata? glow sticks, tatoos, and funky costume? yes, please. I will remember Emily tearing up on the steps of the church when we took pictures of her and Phil and all of their guests. I will remember a walk through the UW-campus and on the terrace where a jovial group of card players happily bought Emily a beer. I will remember how happy and kind their family was, and how much fun they had with their wedding party. And of course, I will remember amazing red shoes, lovely flowers, a gorgeous dress, a ROCKING BAND.... and best of all I will remember the two of them, and the look in their eyes when they read their personal vows to each other at Badger Farms (after a formal church ceremony).  Yep, I will for sure remember their wedding as an amazing one! And I know they will too. 

Thanks a million to the amazing Jessica Brandau for joining me once again. I always LOVE having you along with me!