Megan and Jared || The Wedding ||| Oak Hill, Galena IL

So, last year I decided to stop writing about each of my weddings. I felt like my writing skills just couldn't adequately describe the loveliness of all the weddings I was shooting. I wanted to get straight to what everyone comes to the blog for--the pictures--and let them do the talking. 

But, lately, I have had the urge to write about the amazing weddings I have been blessed to be a part of. And after Megan and Jared's wedding, I knew I had to start again. 

I can't say it enough. I LOVED photographing Megan and Jared's wedding. When you look at the pictures, you may think it was because of the amazing details (everything at the ceremony site...the benches, the lanterns, the doorway, the backdrop.... AND all the benches for the reception....Megan and Jared made ALL of it. Three cheers for handmade goodness!!!!) But honestly, as beautiful as the details were, that isn't what makes a wedding special for me. It is the couple. The people. And this couple was fabulous. From the moment that we arrived they made us feel like honored guests. You could tell they valued relationship, people and photography as an art. How could I NOT love people like that? 

And then I got to see them together. And OH MY GOODNESS. Their love for each other was so apparent it spilled out on to every part of the day, on every person attending. From their emotional first look, to their heartfelt vows, to their choreographed dances at the reception. The whole day was laid back, fun, and full of love. And THIS is what is important to me in a wedding. The relationships. Between the couple, between them and their friends and family, and the relationship I develop with a couple. That is why it is SO important to me that couples hire me because they love my work and trust and value what I do. 

I could go on and on, but I really will get to the pictures now. But not before a big shout out to Jessica Brandau of Forever Dear Photography, who shot alongside me for this wedding. Thanks so much Jessica! 

OH! And if you are in the search for a wedding location. CHECK OUT OAK HILL. It is hands down, one of my favorites. Becky, the owner, is AMAZING to work with.. and the location is just ideal. 


Thank you Megan and Jared for having me photograph your wedding!