dreamy dream vacation to greece

i just realized I haven't blogged for a MONTH! and with good reason.....first I took a family vacation up north..... and then I spent two weeks in Greece with my parents, my brother, and my sister in law. I have wanted to go to Greece for years now, so when they invited me to go along with them AND the travel dates worked with my wedding schedule I was beyond excited. It really was a dream trip. We spent a couple days in Athens, flew to Santorini for 8 days and then came back to Athens for a couple more days. It was a perfect mix of relaxation and activity and sun and beaches and cities. Really, it was just all around lovely. I am not so much a travel photographer.... I kept wishing I had a bride and groom to photograph in some of these lovely locations (hint, hint) and I came home kicking myself for not shooting more film (even though I did lug out my beastly medium format camera a few days) and more photos of people. That being said, I still have tons of photos to share. I feel a bit  "look at my vacation slides"-boring....so if you aren't into other people's vacations, feel free to skip this post entirely, I won't hold it against you. LOL. And, as a disclaimer, I obviously didn't take the photos with me in them, and the two panoramic shots are my brothers (someone tell me why I didn't get an Iphone....seriously!)

this was my bed for our first stay in athens... on a balcony...it was so lovely

our first full day in athens we spent touring the temple of zeus and the acropolis area

I had to take some food photos for my dear friend Jess.... I am NOT a food photographer, I realized. the first photo is kind of a joke... I didn't realize how lame and lonely my teeny piece of fried cheese looked. 

the next morning before we left for santorini my sister in law nicole and I walked through an amazing cemetery (I know, I am odd, but I love walking through cemeteries) 

that afternoon we flew to santorini. We stayed at a quiet villa (with an amazing pool) in Finnikia which is right outside Oia. We spent the next 8 glorious days there, taking in all the island has to offer. It really is an AMAZING place! 

one day my dad, kyle and nicole and I took a hike along the top of the mountain, it was awesome...of course with dad and kyle we couldn't stay on the beaten path....

that afternoon we went swimming in ammoudi bay (another highlight of the trip for me) the water was awesomely clear. Kyle and I got a little adventurous and did some cliff jumping... (not so scary....the most scary part was when Kyle told me I had to avoid sea urchins to get on the place to jump)

on the left...people vying for position for sunset photos. I don't think I have ever seen so many SLRS in one place in all of my life. 


then it was back to athens for one more day there before we flew home