Carlie and Danny |||| a wedding at home |||| Film Wedding

I am not even going to apologize for the amount of photos in this post. I realized on Carlie's wedding day that she was the first bride I have photographed that I honestly remember the day they were born. She was one of the "little girls" in my wedding. A group of cousins who, I must admit, I sometimes still think of as 'the little girls' despite the fact that almost all of them have graduated high school, and many college. It is no secret that I adore my family. The weekend of Carlie's wedding, I was reminded why once again. Carlie's wedding was definitely a family affair. It was held on her parents land, she got ready in her childhood home, I KNOW she and her parents spent a long time readying the farm for the special day and on the wedding day (and days before) family pulled together to decorate, run errands, make food, slice meat, play music and just surround carlie and danny with love. I am so happy and proud to say I am part of this family. now.... to carlie and danny. They are such an amazing couple. I am so happy my dear cousin found a man like Danny. he is so genuine and soft spoken and just a great guy. Their wedding day was a laid back expression of their love. Now... on to the photos. Ps, whie you look, listen to this, carlie and danny's first dance song

{I am including a lot of getting ready photos. it was hard not to. like I mentioned, carlie got ready at home, and in gorgeous light surrounded by her best friends. her sister claudia did her hair, her college roomate did her make up, ella fitzgerald played in the was just a lovely joyous time}

something else I love? Carlie's (and the bridesmaids) bouquet was picked by our cousins just about an hour before the ceremony from nearby fields (and a bush in my yard!) 

did I mention my daughter was the ring bearer? (which my son thought was "ring bear" and the morning before the wedding he told me since sissy was the ring bear he was going to be the "ring hawk")

can you tell I am drawn to mama and baby photos?

during carlie and danny's ceremony it started to sprinkle a little, but thankfully the rains held off---UNTIL during the dinner, then the skies opened up and it POURED. but as it often is after a crazy shower--there was a GORGEOUS double rainbow as a reward .....this was the reaction to the rainbows


so it is tradition at our family weddings for my cousin Jesse and my brother to do a dance off....well, unfortunately kyle is in saudi arabia at the moment, but Carlie (and then my cousin Corrie) filled in nicely for him (and for those that care, here is a TEENY snippet of video of it)