a beautiful day in may for carly and scott's wedding

when I photographed Carly and Scott's engagement session, we discussed how since it was super cold they day they GOT engaged, and very chilly on the day we took their engagement session that their wedding day would be lovely. well, i got a little worried leading up to this past saturday when the forcast called for rain and chilly temperatures, but Carly and Scott's wedding day ended up being a lovely day. no rain! I had an amazing time photographing Carly and Scott, their friends and their family. They are all SO MUCH FUN! And they are so surrounded by people that love them. It is amazing to be able to spend time with people like that. Not to mention the elegant, simple and sophisticated touches that Carly incoorporated into the day. I loved it all! Thank you so much to Carly and Scott for having me! And a big shout out to Jessica Brandau of Forever Dear Photography: thank you so much for second shooting for me!