sarah and luke's intimate ceremony

i often get asked what kinds of weddings are my "favorite" to photograph. up until recently my answer probably had a lot to do with details, venues, and a general aesthetic--and while, i still do love it when people put thought and their own personality into the "look" of their day, all that pales in comparison to the FEELING of the day. hands down, my favorite events (of any kind) to photograph are events full of joy, full of family, full of people who care about EACH OTHER and their marriage above all the details of a wedding that can stress out the best of us . 

Sarah and Luke's ceremony was just that, my favorite kind of event.  It was an intimate ceremony with just some of their most immediate family members, held at the Rooted Spoon in Viroqua (um...if you are having an intimate gathering, RUN don't walk to check out this venue. they were amazing...the atmosphere is so laid back, the space was warm, inviting and unique,  the staff was so helpful and friendly, the food. oh my goodness THE FOOD. seriously, you won't be disapointed). The whole day was just so lovely, sincere, and  full of joy. Sarah and Luke are such genuine, loving, easy going people and it was a complete honor to document their day. 


thank you so much Sarah and Luke and family for including me in your lovely celebration!