FIND Minneapolis

Ever since I started getting interested in film, I have longed to go to a  Film is Not Dead workshop. I held off and held off, couldn't quite bring myself to "pull the trigger" , so to speak, on going to one. But any time another workshop came up and friends asked me to attend, I would tell them "No, I am saving for a FIND workshop" I talked to other FINDers and they all highly recommend it... and then I saw that it was coming to Minneapolis. How could I NOT attend? I paid my deposit...and then got super excited and super nervous all in one. 

As the time for the workshop came nearer I started to really have anxiety about going. Confession time? I am not really good in big groups of photographers. I don't know why, but I get nervous and have a inferiority problem, and worry about how much "cooler" than me they are... and how stupid and inept I will seem. Plus, the workshop is run by Jonthan Canlas, who for you non-photographers is the photography world equivelent of Aaron Rogers. yeah, big time. How could I not be intimidated? I sort of just wanted to stay in my photography hermit-hole and not go. 

BUT, I knew I had to. I knew that film is my passion and that if anyone could help me along this journey it would be Jon. So I went. And I am so glad I did. I can't really put into words how amazing this workshop was. Jonathan is an amazing teacher. He is a complete open book and so very nice. No question was too much for him, he never made any of us feel inferior or silly for not knowing something. From the technical to the personal he was an amazing guide in the world of film and photography. 

And the big group of photographers I was so worried I wouldn't be cool enough for? They were also an amazing group of people. It was so great to be able to chill out in a (FABULOUS) house for a few days, talk shop and learn from each other. 

I left with my head buzzing, my heart full, and my inspiration renewed. If any of you are considering a workshop, and ESPECIALLY if you are interested in delving into film, GO. Don't hesitate!!! 

and now, some images. (I know... words! on my blog!)

how could I have been intimidated by this guy ;) 


we did a bunch of shooting. Couples, families, strangers, personal was great!