good food and gorgeous flowers//mindy and jesse's classy outdoor wedding

yes, the food at mindy and jesse's wedding was good enough to get a shout out in the title. i won't deny it--i love food. i LOVE food. so when i got mindy and jesse's wedding invite and saw that you got to customize your dinner by choosing each item i was beyond excited. the food didn't disappoint, in fact i am craving that dinner all over again. all the other parts of the wedding were top notch as well. mindy shot a couple weddings with me a few years ago and i was beyond honored when she chose me to photograph her and jesse's wedding in fargo (well actually, moorhead, right?) this past weekend. it was a gorgeous day--a tiny bit chilly--but the sun was shining, the river was sparkling and every part of the day was just a BLAST. i was so thrilled to be a part of it! one thing that really struck me is how mindy and jesse made everyone feel so welcome....I saw Jesse getting guests plates of seconds and drinks and they mingled well past when everyone else was already eating before sitting down to their own plates. they really are fabulous, genuine, and kind people and I enjoyed my day with them so much! thanks guys!