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last night i was pleased to be a sponsor at the River Bend Birth Network's  screening of the film "Freedom for Birth". If you are a mama to be (or mama to be to be) and looking for labor support/options, be sure to check out the Network. Unfortunately I wasn't able to stay and watch the movie, but I plan to rent it soon.... I do highly recommend watching "The Business of Being Born" if you are expecting.

I am so glad to be able to connect with area doulas, since you all know that childbirth and especially birth photography is a passion of mine. I have had the immense honor of photographing two births that have yet to make it to the blog... 

 {ps, just in case you missed the "why consider birth photography" post back in february}

the birth of fynlie lynn



and the slideshow (please email me at if you would like the password to watch)



the birth of henry william 


(and the slideshow--henry's daddy is currently in afgahnistan, which is what the laptop is in the photos and why I chose the song I did. again, if you would like the password, please email me at't be shy, I won't bite)


thank you to these families for letting me document such an amazing and touching moment in their lives, and for letting me share some images with you. I honestly feel blessed everytime I photograph another baby entering this world.