baby miles meets the family….

first off, can i just say i love this family? because I do. I photographed Sarah and Devin's wedding. (and her sister Julie's wedding as well) When I heard that Sarah and Devin had baby Miles I was so excited to meet him....he is just BEYOND adorable. And then when they said they were coming back to the midwest from New York and brining Miles to meet his great grandparents and spend the day with family and asked me to document it all, I was ecstatic to hang out with them, Sarah's mom and dad, Julie, their cousin Katie and great grandma and grandpa Wirka. Documenting moments like these....that are so intimate and joyful and fleeting. THIS is why I do this. Thanks again guys, it was wonderful to see you all and catch up! Miles is perfect! 

I arrived before Sarah and Devin so I got to spend time with the Wirkas and Julie and Katie as they waited


i took a lot of pictures of hands, i noticed as i culled for this post.... i think hands always tell such a story


this was the reaction to grandpa's reaction to miles's name. HILAROUS.








thank you all for a lovely time!