kristin and jason…

kristin and jason were married this past weekend on a beautiful (albiet a little bit warm) july day. it was such a fun day! one thing i could definitely tell about kristin and jason is how important family and friends are too them. they included SO many people in their wedding. from their 38 person wedding party to the many MANY pictures of family and friends they had at the wedding and the reception, to kristin wearing her grandma's wedding dress for the ceremony, they honored their family in so many ways. it was so fun to see. everyone had a blast! and kristin was definitely not a "can't get my dress dirty" bride....which I LOVED. just wait until you see where she climbed in her dress! I love an adventerous bride. Thanks guys for a fun day! 

and a HUUUUUGE thank you to my friend and awesome photographer Jen Towner for joining me for the day! I love shooting with Jen,  it is a blast! thanks for everything!!! 











thanks guys!!!