jennifer and kelsey

jennifer and kelsey's wedding was my favorite kind. laid back....a happy celebration of two lives combining. sweet and intimate. i loved it. it rained all morning of their outdoor ceremony, but jen wasn't concerned. no one really was. they watched the radar, had a plan b in place, but when they saw a break in the rain, everyone dried off seats and plan a was back on. they were married on the beach in the backyard of kelsey's family cabin, where many summer days had been spent. The family dog made his way up the aisle during the ceremony and everyone just smiled at him. I seriously loved everything about the day. Thank you Jen and Kelsey for having me! 

and a big thank you to my second shooter for the day, Nicole Carr. I will note which pictures are hers throughout the post

{photo by nicole}

{both the next two photos by nicole}

{left image by nicole}

{image on left by nicole }

i loved their first look:


{image on the left below by nicole}

{next two images by nicole}

{image all the way on the right by nicole}

{image on the right by nicole }


{image on right below by nicole}

{image on right by nicole}

this is what happens when i told the groomsmen to "get a little closer" to jen

{below image by nicole}


{image on the right on the next two photos are by nicole}

{below image by nicole}

thank you guys for a great day! it was so. much. fun!