wedding bootcamp workshop

this past weekend dani stephenson and I hosted a workshop focusing on wedding photography. it was a great time to get together with a bunch of fun girls and talk photography. I could talk about photography for forever. (those of you who know me know this is true. I have probably talked your ear off about it, if you would let me). We had a great group of girls and some awesome people involved. A couple of thank you's to start out:

thank you to dani. she is my partner in crime in photography projects and I couldn't have done this alone. ever. you have to read her blog post about the workshop. she is much more eloquent than I am right now. and what she says...that is what I want to say 100%

to all the attendees: thank you guys so much. it was GREAT to meet you all and hear about your passion!

to the models: you guys are the best. seriously. we couldn't have asked for better models. thank you. thank you. THANK YOU! 

to ginny's cupboard where we held our workshop. AMAZING. thank you so much for all the work. If people haven't been there. GO. adorable. awesome. cannot rave enough.

to Wild Apples who supplied the GORGEOUS bouquet. wowzers. seriously. the flowers were BEYOND perfect. and smelled amazing. Man. seriously. brides. check them out. 

to Kristi of Kristi's Cakes and Pastries who supplied our adorable cookies! everyone LOVED them! 

AND to Georgia who hosted one of the shoots at her house. YOU ARE THE SWEETEST! THANK YOU!!!!


and now. on to the photos...... 





our first session was supposed to be like an engagment or love shoot. the adorable zastrows... (you probably remember them from my blog before and because laura ROCKS.) were our models. these too. they made our job too easy. the are naturals. and so very in love. I ADORE them. just the CUTEST! 





for our wedding couple, rachel and mark graced us by coming by. You have seen them all over my blog and site as Dani and I have photographed them a ton of times. They are so in love. another perfect set of models. we never get sick of having the two of them in front of our lenses. unfortunately a freak storm cut this portion short, but it was still awesome!