the birthday project

first off...did I really not blog once during the month of april? wow. that is definitely a first. thank you guys for holding on during my maternity leave. it really has been blissful to spend so much time hibernating and snuggle my little ones. i DID photograph an amazing amazing amazing wedding this past weekend, so when the film scans come back from that I will have an actual wedding to share. also, in may i am slowly but surely coming off of maternity things will pick up. 

this post has little to do with my photography, and a lot to do with kindness. a few years back i met an amazing wedding planner, Robyn, when i was in florida with a few photographer friends. she was one of the sweetest people ever. I had heard of her before we met from this blog post. on her birthday she did 38 random acts of kindness to celebrate it. The amazing response she got from this led to The Birthday Project. Please go to the site and read all about it! 

Inspired by Robyn and The Birthday Project, I plan on doing 32 random acts of kindness for the month of May (my birthday month!) Lots of people do their random acts all in one day, but with packing and moving (fingers crossed) at the end of the month, along with having 3 little ones, I think a month long goal is more reachable for me. Besides, spreading out the love over a month will be awesome, I think. When I am done I will blog about the experience...hopefully with pictures. 

I need your help too....ideas of random acts I should do (especially low cost ones) would be appreciated. AND if you would like to help me celebrate my birthday, please do your OWN random act of kindness over the month of May. Everyone that does, and sends me a post (or message if you wish to be annonymous) on facebook telling me about your ROAK and I will put everyone's name in a drawing for a free film shoot with me. UPDATE: the gorgeous Ashley from This Heartmade Life is partnering with me to shower loveliness on the winner of the drawing. (remember, if you do a random act of kindness this month and post on my wall about it, you could win a film shoot with me?) well now the winner will ALSO receive a personalized set of stationary handmade by ashley. this is AWESOME!!!! 

I am super excited about this, and I hope others are too. Once, when dining in a local restaurant with a kind of big group (my mom, brother, sister in law, matt, I and amelia) we went to pay and found out our meal was paid for by a random person. It was one of the most touching things. I want to help spread that feeling to others. 


thanks everyone! and like I said. stay tuned. things are picking up (photography wise) around here. AND if you really are jonesing for a dose of muellenberg, you can always check out my personal kid-blog .