christi + jon

first of all---did you see my post yesterday? if not, read it please! big news over here. maternity leave is over. my wedding season starts in full swing this weekend, and sessions are picking up a little as well. (remember, I am not doing any full family sessions, but a mini session announcement is coming super soon. like tomorrow, probably!) I had a lovely maternity leave and am refreshed and excited to start the season. 

one of my first sessions this year was with christi and jon. i know christi from waaaaaaay back when, when I lived in Indiana. Her parents and mine were good friends. Jon and Christi celebrated their 15th anniversary this year. You can read Christi's words here. I was so honored that they traveled up to wisconsin for a session (and a fun mini vacation while they were here too). It was great to see you guys and be able to tell your story in photographs. 

Here is a small taste of what we did.....

Jon and Christi have four adorable children and one on the way, so we started with a few photos of the whole family

then we moved on to jon and christi, I love when married couples take time to get photos of JUST the two of them together. SO important, I think! 


thank you so much christi and jon {and family} for making the trip. It was GREAT to see you!