and now…..we change.

i have an announcement. are you ready for this?

for all weddings and sessions booked from here on out I will be shooting exclusively on film. that's right, I am transitioning to a 100% film shooter. (wait, i lied. i will continue to shoot births digitally)

i have been on the fence about this change for a while. you may remember my post earlier this year about my love affair with film. I knew that this medium is where my heart was leading me, but the change scared me. just lately i have decided that i needed to follow my heart and my passion and jump in with two feet. and I am so excited about this. as soon as i finally made the decision i knew it was right. 

so what does this mean? I know I have gotten a lot of questions about why film? and what this means for my clients, so here are some answers....

first off, what the heck do you mean film? 

yep, i have gotten this question. and no, I don't mean movies. I mean good old FILM. like what all photographers used to shoot before the digital SLRs came out. 

okay then...why film? 

because i feel like I am the best version of my (photographer) self when I shoot film. There is just something about it that makes my heart sing. I have been told I am different ,even, when I am shooting film. and I feel that as a photographer and an artist (gasp, i think that is the first time i have referred to myself as such) it is so important to follow your heart and what makes you passionate. when you REALLY love something it shows in your work. and I really love how i feel when i am shooting film and the pictures that come from it. And who doesn't want the photographer that they hire to be absolutely head over heels for what they are doing and the way they are doing it? for me, film is the perfect medium. 

so. you think film is better than digital?

no. a hundred times no. I just feel like I am more myself, more artistic and more "at home" when I shoot film. that is all. for ME it is the perfect fit. digital rocks as well. it does. and i enjoy shooting in any form. i just know that right now for me, film is the path i need to take. 

wait. we booked you as a digital you are changing on us? 

nope. not at all. all weddings and sessions already booked (or contracts out) will not change. I will still capture those as I would have before and prices will all stay the same. if you would like to ADD film to your package or session let me know and that can be arranged. otherwise nothing will change. 

but we want a photobook/canvas/to share our photos on facebook without scanning. can we do that?

yep. i have the most awesome lab ever in Richard Photo Lab. They develop all of my film and scan them, so you can still have an online gallery, still order prints, still share online, and do all of the things you can with your digital photos. 

visuals, we need visuals.

sheena + nate


rachel + mark and their engagement session

ashley + lucas


so now you are saying either:

we're still not convinced. 

 that is okay. totally okay. i don't need everyone to "get it". i still think you are groovy for just being here and reading along with me. I hope you stay around. also... there are AMAZING digital photographers that I can put you in touch with!!! if you would like a referral email me.


hooooray! i love it. sign me up, like yesterday.

yay! super yay! thank you for trusting me and my vision. contact me and we can discuss all the juicy details. Let's walk off into a beautiful sunset together. (or perhaps, something a little less cheesy. coffee, maybe?)