sheena and nate…the surprise wedding

i am struggling with how to start talking about sheena and nate's wedding. it was definitely a day I will never forget. I met Sheena last fall when I needed a second shooter to join me for a wedding in Milwaukee, our mutual friend Jess  suggested I ask Sheena. And Sheena was the sweetest ever. Even though we had never met she drove down from "up north" and spent the entire weekend with me. I adored her from the moment we met. 

So when she contacted Jess and I a couple months ago with her plans for a secret wedding I was overjoyed for her. I was even more overjoyed when she asked me to photograph the wedding alongside Jess and using film. I was technically on maternity leave....but a secret wedding? in the woods? on film? for some of the nicest people ever? there was NO WAY I was saying no. 

I know some of you may be wondering what exactly a surprise wedding is.....well....only sheena, nate, jess and I, the videographers and a few family members knew they were getting married that day. Sheena's fabulous friends came from all over the country to attend her bridal shower, not knowing what the day would come to. Others gathered later to attend a party to celebrate Nate and Sheena's engament. Imagine the excitement and joy when they all found out what exactly this special day was. 

Words cannot adequately describe this day. Everyone knows that I love weddings. I love gorgeous unique details. I love beautiful spots for weddings. I love touches that speak of the couple.  Sheena and Nate's day had ALL of that. But beyond that, their day was full of love. It was a celebration of two of them, and of their faith and the fact that God has brought them together. It was an intimate celebration of joy that their friends and family surround them with. It was an inspiration to see Sheena and Nate together, their every guesture speaks of love. They made this day THEIRS. An intimate loving get together that touched everyone there. I am so so honored that I was a part of it. 

you MUST go to Jessica Sands blog to see her post and images from this day. I absolutely adored shooting alongside Jess....and she tells the story of this day in such an amazing way. (I dare you to not tear up or get goosbumps by her post). we also got to work along with Sky Blue Weddings, the amazing videographers. You must check them out on facebook.

*all my pictures are on film. my absolute favorite. i would LOVE to shoot more weddings fully in film. I am SO blessed that sheena knows my love of film and wanted it for her wedding. THANK YOU!*

friends gathering to shower her with love at Nate's parents house. It was so great to attend, everyone was so sweet and SO happy for Sheena

they played a couple of games and in the last game, the guests had to see who could unravel a ball of yarn the fastest. when it was unraveled there was a special message in the middle that said "I am getting". the room erupted. what a moment!!!



emotion abounded all day. one of my favorite moments was when nate opened the presents sheena got for him. 

and their first look was amazing. amazing. 





everyone rode on horse and cart to a path leading to the ceremony site. then nate and his parents led the guests down the path to where sheena and her mom janet were waiting. 


remember how I mentioned gorgeous details. they come. nate and sheena built this gorgeous wooden tent in the middle of the woods...and filled it with such gorgeous touches. i was in heaven. there in the middle of the woods, with the campfire, and the forest sounds their guests dined on a meal that Sheena and Nate cooked TOGETHER. it was amazing...

amazing desserts were in abundance as well, all handmade by the couple, PLUS everyone got to take home the yummiest little pies. for a sweet tooth such as I am, this was beyond fabulous. 


sheena and nate had their own little table. it was adorable

as day slipped into evening the tent just got more and more magical


congratulations to sheena and nate. thank you so much for having me help document your day. it was an honor. I say on my site that while I love weddings and people that are excited about the day, I get much more excited about people that are MORE excited to be married to each other and their life beyond the wedding day. and that was so you guys. Your wedding was just a glimpse into the wonderful love you have and the joy and love that you surround yourself with in the form of family and friends.