an ode to my family. at weddings.

today, as I am gearing up for another fabulous family wedding in a little over a week, i started thinking of my family. how much I love them. i seriously ADORE my family. (you want to know how much? in between contractions when I was in labor with grant I was asking my midwife if I would make it home in time for christmas so I could be with my family) christmases, family get togethers, game nights, camping, chatting, creeping on their facebook pages. i love it all. i come from a big family. I am the oldest of 23 first cousins on one side (and now we have 8 cousin-spouses and 10 great grandkids mixed in). the other side? I am the oldest of 23 cousins  ranging in age from me to my youngest cousin, Connor who is only 6 months old(this side we have 7 spouses and 6 great grandkids). and altogether I have 27 aunts and uncles, 3 grandparents, and my mom and dad. so yeah. a lot of family.  and I have been more than blessed to photograph quite a few of my cousins (and my brother and one uncle's!) weddings. So....I decided to post a picture from each wedding I was able to document. just because. because I love them all so much. and miss them. 

mandy+michael  (2004--before I was doing this professionally!) ohhh man. noticed I spelled that wrong at first. now THAT is professional. ha!


talia +mike (2005, ditto above)

ken + tammie (2005, ditto above)

sammy + lauren (2008)


logan + anto (2009)


kyle +nicole (2009. two because it is my only brother.)


miriah + nate (2010)


dyani + isaac (2010)


and now as I get into this blog post, i am thinking about how important to me as part of a family it is to have family moments documented at these weddings. how much it touches me. not the line up of smiling faces, but moments like these. between grandparent and grandchild, parents and children, siblings, cousins, etc. here are some of the moments that are super important to me.  (some of these will only make sense guessed it. my family)

I am so glad i took this picture. it is one of the only pictures in recent years i have of me and my

papa. and we lost him about 10 months later.