blog silence is a pet peeve of mine. even though i am on maternity leave and not shooting other than for myself, letting my blog sit here untouched just gets to me. and...while I am LOVING maternity leave, I am also itching to get out and shoot again. I seriously cannot wait for all my weddings this year. they are going to be aaaaammmmmazing! i got my first invitation to a one of them. and holy cow, i was blown away by creativeness. my couples are the bomb! I've said it before, but I love.love.love seeing the details and planning behind each wedding I shoot. I had another bride send me some sneak previews of her dress and details and it just gets me all the more slaphappy to document the day. 

other notes of interest. 

* my amazing friend and fellow photographer Jessica Sands came to our house and documented a morning in our life this weekend. It was SO FUN to be photographed just as we are. I didn't go all crazy with finding the perfect outfits (and I usually do), we didn't worry about chase looking at the camera (because he almost always won't) or amelia not giving a fake smile or sitting still (because she almost always won't). we just were. it was amazing. I want to remember us just like this in years to come and jess is SO talented and documented US. I am so in love with the story she told of us through our lens. CHECK IT OUT HERE! 

*I am booked for weddings in 2012. I am still getting inquiries, so I just wanted to let everyone know I am taking on NO MORE weddings for 2012. I can refer you to other amazing photographers if you do contact me though, but I am not available for any months. 


*I am finally booking 2013. I was holding off, but I am booking it now. I have added film packages and film/digital packages to my offerings as well. So if you or someone you know is getting hitched in 2013 you can call me. I AM taking on a limited amount of weddings in 2013 as well though also...just an FYI :) 

* I am going to be starting a personal project I am really excited about soon.... more details on that later, but just suffice to say (for now) I am super excited about it. 

*if you just can't get enough of me and my family (HA!) I do have a personal blog HERE and post on that A LOT, so if the blog silence here gets to you also, you can find me there! 


just a couple shots to end with...of my wonderful family