get your voting shoes on…..the super-duper favorites of 2012 contest is HERE!

2012 was another amazing year. I adored shooting heartfelt weddings at amazing venues with absolutely spectacular couples. i want to say a HUGE thank you to all of the couples who were just soooo great in letting me document the stories of their days. you guys seriously are all amazing. As with last year, I am going to post a personal favorite image from each wedding I photographed. You guys vote (ONLY ONE VOTE PER PERSON. I CAN tell when someone votes twice--even if you make up a new name, and I will shut down the contest if this runs rampant. keep it fun, folks!) SHARE with friends and family and strangers on the street if you wish, get them to vote, and at the end, the photo with the most votes gets a 16X20 canvas of their image. Easy-peasy-lemon squeezy. Check out last years contest and winners. Oh... and to vote? Leave a comment on THIS blog post with the number (and name of the couple) you would wish to vote for. HOOORAY! oookay, here we go!  (oh, and PS---with the style of photography that speaks to me, I don't think a wedding can be summed up in one image. so go on and click on the link to see a true taste of each amazing day!) Oh...and voting runs from now until monday Dec 17 at 11:59 pm CST. 

ALSO---YOU MUST USE YOUR NAME or a valid email WHEN VOTING (things like "thispictureisthebest" don't count). (From now on, votes without valid names or emails will be deleted--thanks)


1. Natasha and Wade


2. Sheena and Nate


3. Kristin and Kyle


4. Molly and Troy


5. Emily and Mathew (and film)

6. Jennifer and Kelsey


7. Kristen and Jason


8. Abby and Danny


9. Abbey and Chris


10. alaine and andy


11. mindy and jesse


12. molly and mitch (note: there are sixty bajillion images I could have shared from this wedding, but I picked this diptich, because to me it tells the ultimate story...)


13. Serenity and Jared


14. Jessica and Patrick



15. Kim and Ryan

again, thank you to the couples who let me in on one of the most intimate and lovely days of their lives. I truly love getting to know all of you.


(aaaaand...if you are getting married and would like for me to tell your wedding day story, did you see I am running a special?)