palm trees, white sandy beaches and jessica and patrick's perfect florida wedding

i have been looking forward to photographing jessica and patrick's wedding for a long time now. They chose to get married on the white sand beaches of Destin, FL. I absolutely LOVE that area of florida, so I jumped at the chance to get to travel there again. Jessica and Patrick had a PERFECT day for their vows. The sun shone, the sky was blue and, the weather phenomenal. They had an intimate group of family and friends along with them and every person there was so much fun and so welcoming and friendly. I love groups like this! And Jessica and Patrick had amazing style! I adored their looks.... and what else I adored? That they AND their whole wedding party forged into the ocean like it was nothing! Adventersome brides and grooms are the BEST! Thank you so much Jessica, Patrick and family! I had an amazing time! 

jessica is a stylist and did a bunch of her wedding parties hair on her wedding day! 

patrick also tried his hand at "stylist" for the cut his brother's hair. 

one of jessica's bridesmaids may just have fallen over after that last picture....and then got hit by a big wave...