The Best of the 2011 contest

For the past couple of years (here are the 2010 and 2009 winners) I have done a "best of" contest with tons of categories, and winners and voting….and well…it has been so much fun. but this year….with a new baby….i just can't DO all that…. (and if I am being honest? I JUST got some of the 2010 winners their 8X10s right before christmas. a year later… is just too much) so this year I am modifying the competition a little bit. I am going to post ONE photo from each wedding I photographed. Everyone has one week (until Wednesday Jan 11th at 11:59 PM) to vote on their favorite….and then the winner will get a 16X20 CANVAS of their winning shot. So stakes are high this time!!! 

To vote, just leave a comment here on the blog (on this post with the number and names of the picture you are voting for. Due to facebook rules, any votes left on facebook can't be counted. sadly. 

*a little note…you may ask all your friends and family to vote, but people can only VOTE ONCE. if I find duplicate votes from people (or people pretending to be other people--and YES, I can tell) I will delete the votes….if there is rampant cheating I will just call off the contest and print a 16X20 of my kids. ;) So. don't ruin it for anyone. not that any of my clients would encourage cheating, but sometimes friends and acquaintances can get a little over zealous in trying to help their faves win!*

*another little note…I started out thinking I would choose a bride and groom image from each wedding, and as I was selecting, I decided to just choose MY own favorite from each wedding. one that really spoke to me…so you will see a mix of images….*

#1--from becky and brent's wedding



2. from Amanda and Ritch's wedding 


3. from Leah and Mason's wedding 

4. from Amy and Vic's wedding 


5. from Susan and Miguel's wedding 


6. from Laura and Nic's wedding 


7. from Meagan and Michael's wedding


8. From Jamie and Dan's wedding


9. from Amber and JR's wedding


10. from Lisa and Dan's wedding


11. from Michelle and Tim's wedding (tim and his grandmother)


12.Haley and Joe's wedding


13. Jillian and LaRoy's wedding


14. Andrea and Travis


15. Sara and Shawn's wedding

16. Josie and Eric's wedding


17. Cortney and Chris's wedding


18. Cassie and Jessie's wedding


19. Rachel and Mark's wedding (film---second shot for Dani Stephenson Photography)

20. Jessica and Brent's wedding


21. Tyler and Kristina


22. Meggy and Eric


23. Lucia and Jeremy


24. Maddy and Matt


25. Ashley and Lucas (second shot for Dani Stephenson Photography)


26. Erin and Lee


27. Abbie and Andrew

Thank you SOOOOOO so so so so much to all my 2011 couples. It was a great year and I enjoyed each and every wedding so much. You guys are all amazing. And thank you to everyone who shot with me this year: Jessica Sands, Amanda Crowe, Emily Schmidt, Dani Stephenson and Rebecca Eby, not sure if I could have made it through the year without awesome photographers shooting alongside me. THANK YOU.