Welcome to this World

For those of you not on my facebook page… (and I bet you all are right?)…the newest Muellenberg was born on December 23, 2011. We are so excited to have added our little man, Grant Edward to the family! If you guys know me at all, you know that birth photography is very near and dear to my heart, so of course I had planned to have the birth photographed and was so excited about that. Well. Grant had other plans. namely to come as fast as he possibly could. my entire labor was 2 hours and we were at the hospital for a little less than 30 minutes before he was born. sooooo…..my grand plans for lovely birth photography (along with others like that of a repeat water birth) went out the window. So….this was supposed to be my birth photo post, but instead it is the "moments in the days after birth" post. I had been saving this LOVELY song by Renee and Jeremy for the honor of the slideshow. I adore this song. everyone go to their site and buy their music. Like NOW! 

Just a note, some of the images are from right after he was born. There is NOTHING graphic and nothing that would make me blush for you all to see or anything, but….there is a bit more skin than a normal picture of me on the internet.just to give you guys a heads up. you don't HAVE to watch the video ;) 

password: grantedward