rachel and mark's wedding....all film

a couple weeks ago I had the IMMENSE pleasure of joining Dani Stephenson ((seriously everyone needs to check out her photos from this wedding, if you haven't already. they are MIND BLOWING!)) as she photographed Rachel and Mark's gorgeous wedding. It was a blast...especially since Amanda Crowe Photography was along as well. Three photographers? yes please.  LOL. And Rachel and Mark are just one of the most adorable, in love, sweet and genuine couple EVER. I have adored them ever since Dani and I photographed them for the style shoots we did a couple years ago. I knew I HAD to help out at their wedding if at all possible, and I am SO glad it was possible. I decided since I was technically the third shooter I would photograph the whole wedding in film and I am so glad I did. You guys all know my obsession with film. It is so lovely. If you are interested in film for your wedding or couple's session please let me know. And remember in 2012, Dani and I are doing a few select weddings TOGETHER. so if you are interested in having BOTH of us photograph your wedding, please let one of us know. NOW! we are filling up fast! 

now on to the photos. I could seriously gush about rachel and mark and their wedding ALL DAY, but I will try to keep it to a minimum. LOL. and I will try to not overload on pictures too. Not an easy task when the couple is this adorable. 

rachel got ready in the gorgeous window light of her hotel room. PERFECT. 

i ADORED that she left her hair down. ANNNNND how could we not go a little (lot) overboard on photographing her? she is just gorgeous. 











mark seeing rachel for the first time
















i love how mark is looking at rachel in this next one on the left




thanks again, Dani, for letting me tag along. you are the best. ((and i wish i could shoot EVERY wedding with you)

and thank you to Amanda for carrying my bag when it wasn't even my wedding. you are amazing! 

and Rachel and Mark. you know how much I adore you guys. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!