we interrupt your regularly scheduled blog.....

the blog is a bit quiet this week. and if you know me... you know I can't stay quiet for long. I have some amazing weddings to share with you, but the couples are both on their honeymoon and I am waiting until they return next week to share. but check back. because these are some great wedddings! 

i thought this bit of air silence would be a good time for a couple "announcements" and random thoughts that were bouncing around in my brain. 

*I know a lot of people expressed interest in a fall mini session. Unfortunately I am not going to be able to do that at this time. HOWEVER, I am planning on doing a pre-Christmas mini session along with Dani Stephenson TENTATIVE date for this is Nov. 20th in Tomah, WI, but details are not set in stone. email me if you want to be on the waiting list for more info. We will have christmas/winter type props and themes and you can get pictures for your cards. sessions will be 20 minutes long, $100 and you will get a disc of 15 images. ((to clarify as there has been confusion. both dani and i will be holding our OWN mini sessions this day, at the same location. we will not be photographing the same sessions together))

*Most of you know, but we are expecting baby #3 at the end of December. Because of this my schedule for 2012 is very different than most years. I will be on maternity leave from Dec 3-end of May. I will be taking NO SESSIONS or weddings during this time. Also, I will be doing NO family/children/senior sessions in 2012. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS. I say every year I am not doing these sessions and then I make exceptions. for 2012 I won't.  I MAY do a couple mini sessions in the summer or fall, but I am undecided on this. Thank you so much to all my wonderful understanding clients. I want to be able to spend 2012 focusing on family. I will be doing weddings and couple/love/engagement sessions in 2012, but they will be VERY limited. 

*I WILL however be doing birth photography in 2012. If you are interested in having your birth photographed professionally, PLEASE contact me. I am sure many of you are thinking you can just have a friend with a camera do this. and you CAN. BUT birth photography is a very sensitive and "tricky" genre of photography. I have top notch equipment, so I will be able to photograph quickly and quietly in your birthing room with no need for flash or really you even knowing I am there. An example of my birth photography slide shows is here:  password amb707 (shared with permission of parents). 

*Also, I am offering more and more film sessions and am hoping to offer more weddings in film as well. To view a featured wedding in film, check out my gallery HERE : featured, rachel and mark film. (this wedding was second shot for Dani Stephenson Photography). Please contact me for pricing

*And speaking of Dani...we are offering weddings where you get BOTH of us for one price!!! Please check with me or Dani for more information on pricing. Seriously. you want to do this! 

Okay... I think that is all (and enough for now!) to end, I will leave you with a taste of what is to come next week. 

Tyler and Kristina

and Meggy and Eric