laura and ben

a while back i had a "contest" of sorts where I gave away three film sessions. laura and ben were one of the winners.... I was so excited because Laura is an amazing photographer, and I love to photograph photographers (even though it makes me insanely nervous) I was SO thrilled to get to shoot film again as well. and then. the session came. and my film camera died 15 shots in. and I have no back up yet :( I was soooo sad, but ben and laura were AMAZING!!! (thanks guys!) we decided to just keep going and shoot the session on digital instead. 

this seriously was just an awesome session. it was rainy, but these two didn't care. their love totally radiated off of them. I didn't do a ton of posing, I just let them be them, mostly. which is my ultimate FAVORITE way to do a session. and I was so happy with the results. 

they are just SO adorable that I couldn't really limit this post. so, um, I went a bit overboard! thanks guys! 




laura and ben have been married six years ago (and have three kids. I am SO jealous of how well laura fits in her dress) so we did a tiny mini trash the dress



these next few just make me smile