cassie and jessie--the wedding


so. i loved cassie and jessie's wedding. i so. so. so did. first off. cassie got ready.....wait for it....outside. i had been thinking about where they would get ready (cassie and jessie held their wedding at pedretti's party barn...which is a very cool location, but the getting ready spot leaves MUCH to be desired). so I was totally ready to try and persuade cassie to get ready outside. but then we met the week before the wedding and she told ME she was thinking of getting ready outside before I could even bring it up. LOVED.IT. And you all know how much I talk about making your wedding your own? About not being cookie-cutter and doing what everyone else does because that is what you "should do" for a wedding. Well, Cassie and Jessie's wedding was SO SO SOOOOO them. Belt buckles, cowboy hats, BOOTS, the great outdoors, so man perfect details. Seriously. LOVED IT. thank you guys for being awesome. and thank you to Emily Schmidt for shooting with me again. ((and cassie and jessie had Hazel Media do their videographer. Amber rocks. check her out!))


you will see the arch a lot.... cassie's dad made it out of barn boards from her grandparents old barn)



first look:







we did all of cassie and jessie's couple portraits after dinner, when the light was sooo pretty




i got super cheesy on them and had them write what the loved about each other on the chalkboards and then show each other