lindsay and blake

a couple weeks ago I put the idea for a water session on my facebook page and asked if there was anyone interested. Lindsay jumped on the idea and we got it worked out for right away. i was soooo excited for this session. Lindsay, Blake and I headed to Lake Redstone which is GORGEOUS. they were SO awesome about getting in the water for me! And there was seriously no posing necessary with these two...they are super in love and it shows. Thanks guys for rocking the session and be so brave to really GET IN the water! I shot this session in a mix of film and digital, so I am sharing both! 

and I totally forgot, but I need to thank Alice of Alice Mae Photography for coming with me to this session. She was an IMMENSE help with cameras and keeping them dry and shooting and oh man. yeah. I couldn't have done it without her that is for sure!!!!










i realized when looking through these that it looks like blake and lindsay don't have clothes on in these last few. they did! you just can't tell. LOL!



so....can you tell which are digital and which are film? what looks is your favorite? I am loving film more and more (obviously). so if anyone wants a film session or film MIXED with their digital session, please let me know! And if anyone else wants to take a swim....I absolutely LOVED this session.