chris and cortney...the wedding

reasons i loved chris and cortney's wedding: a first look, grey suits, navy + yellow, awesome shoes (multiple pairs!!!), a couch in a field, an old car, cortney SUGGESTED putting her dress in a tree--and had an awesome clothes hanger, fun wedding party, tons of love....and so much more. 

it really was a GREAT day. i am going to be sharing a TON of couples photos, but I couldn't NOT. Cortney and Chris gave me a lot of time to do them--they had a first look AND they left their reception for a bit during the dinner hour to take pics in the pretty light. They also put a lot of thought into their pictures and had places picked out and set up. AND they were willing to do anything for great pictures. Cortney was not worried about her dress getting tiny spots on it or anything. It was great. So yeah. I am sharing a ton. 

Thanks also to Emily Schmidt for shooting with me again! you are awesome! 



first look:





i think chris's brother on the far left will be happy i did this one in black and white...... ;) 


this is what happens when you tell everyone to strike a pose

so when cortney emailed me a couple weeks before the wedding she asked if they should do pictures in the field with the couch before the ceremony or after during the reception. of course I said after, during the pretty light. and while we didn't get a glowy sunset, we did still get much softer dreamier light than we would have at 12 noon. 



cortney and chris did an awesome first dance