andrea and travis....the wedding

andrea and travis were models for Dani Stephenson and I's style shoot last year, so I was so thrilled when they hired us BOTH to shoot their wedding. You heard right, both of us. Not a second shooter/primary shooter thing, but a combined package that Dani and I are offering where you get BOTH of us at your wedding day. how awesome is that? Pretty DARN AWESOME. now, some of you are wondering what the reasoning behind getting a combined package with both of us would be? well. first of all....double the awesome photographers? two different perspectives and styles? plus two photographers=everything done faster. I mean, WHY NOT? With Dani and I splitting up things like formals/bridesmaid and groomsmen shots we were able to get done with the formals and the wedding party shots in half the time. And while one photographer can't be everywhere at once....two almost can ;) Soooooo.....if anyone is out and can't decide between having Dani or I shoot your don't HAVE to decide. you can have us both. Inquire with either of us for info. (we are booking 2012 weddings at this time, but only a VERY VERY small number).  

okay. enough on that. now on to the wedding. andrea and travis planned a picture perfect day. it was so lovely. they didn't even let a downpour "rain on their parade" andrea just said...."if we have to we will push back the ceremony time a little bit" no stress! LOVED IT! And everything was just gorgeous, from the dresses to the flowers to the CENTERPIECES. perfection. Thanks so much guys for having us there. I loved it! Now.....on to the good stuff ;) 






andrea and travis had an adorable first look (which I hear was even more adorable from dani's angle)





andrea waiting to go down the aisle inside...all the guests waiting outside




this next one just may be my favorite. maybe? lol