haley and joe

i have been SO excited to post haley and joe's wedding. well...i should go back. I was so excited to PHOTOGRAPH haley and joe's wedding. I actually broke my own "no back-to-back wedding" rule to photograph their wedding last friday. but when i read the details of their laid-back wedding at the enchanted barn, i KNEW I had to be there. and I was SO excited I did. Haley and Joe were a fabulous couple, so friendly and adorable. and their wedding? everything about it made me giddy. I adored the details, the laid back feel of the day, the fun, the flow of the day. just everything. and the enchanted barn is one of the most wonderful venues ever. (to me anyway. if i was getting married today, i would have my wedding there!) But I think my absolute favorite thing about the whole day is how genuine it was. nothing was forced, no one seemed stressed, nothing was done because they had to, or because it was what everyone did. it was just about haley and joe. and friends. and love. and it was perfect. okay. enough. i have gushed enough. on to the photos. 


oh! but first, a HUGE thank you to the fun and fabulous Emily Schmidt who joined me for this wedding as well! Be sure to check out her shots on her blog! 



thanks guys for having me photograph your day!