rachel and mark.....on film

a few weeks ago, I joined my friend Dani Stephenson to shoot Rachel and Mark's engagement session. I was so excited about this for so many reasons. First off....Rachel and Mark are ADORABLENESS itself. I looooove them. they are just so in love and so cute and so easy to photograph. then....I can never pass up a chance to shoot with Dani. it is just TOO much fun! and THIRD I got to shoot the whole session in film. If you don't know it already, I am ADORING my journey with film. There is just something about it that I go gaga for..... the look is just....I don't know, I can't describe it. I would LOVE to shoot more sessions in film. And of course, thanks to Richard Photo Lab, there is NO post processing. and that just rocks. Now. just check out this session. and tell me they aren't like the cutest things EVER! (thanks dani and rachel + mark for letting me tag along!)  (if you are interested in a film session, PLEASE contact me!) 













we ended their session by having them "break" the water balloons because we liked the light. OF COURSE that turned into a soaking water balloon fight. unfortunately my film ran out, but I got a couple of shots before it did. Dani will have many more, I am sure!