the wedding shoot workshop

i am having a hard time knowing where to start talking about the wedding shoot workshop that Dani Stephenson Photography and I put on last month. dani and i had an idea for a gorgeous outdoor "mock wedding" a long time ago....something outside the box, simple and natural  that would get couples to think about weddings that are different than the traditional wedding formula. then, because we had gotten multiple requests from other photographers for a workshop, we thought why not combine the two? what could be better than a gorgeous couple, a beautiful location, tons of AWESOME vendors, and a bunch of wonderful photographers to network and shoot with? NOT MUCH! dani and i totally poured our heart and soul into this "wedding"and we both agree if we could shoot weddings like this EVERY DAY we so was perfect. we have to thank everyone that attended. what an AWESOME group of girls. You guys all rock. we appreciate you guys coming out and sharing and shooting with us! 

and the HUGEST of all thank you's has to go to the AMAZING vendors that worked with us on the mock wedding. they are all super duper talented and amazingly nice. If you are planning a wedding. CHECK THEM OUT. some of the best advice I can give you. SERIOUSLY. DO. IT. here they are

the stunning bride's bouquet (which was CLAY!!!)// Keepsake Blossoms

the super duper yummy cake// Kristi's Cakes and Pastries

all the GORGEOUS vintage set ups, couch, tablescape//On Solid Ground Vintage Rentals

the insanely wonderful invites and programs//Dena Swenson Design

the gorgeous fascinator in the bride's hair//Tessa Kim

*a note for engaged (or soon to be engaged couples): we hope you guys can take inspiration from this wedding. we absolutely loved the rustic simplicity of this wedding. we wanted to show that awesome does NOT have to be expensive. And that your wedding can be anything you want it to be. My favorite weddings are ones that you can tell the couple made the wedding their own and are more excited about the marriage than just one day (even if it is an super fun day!). 

thank you sooo much to everyone involved with this shoot. including our AWESOME "model" couple, Megan and Tyler. I photographed their wedding in 2006 (!!!!!) and as soon as we started planning I knew they would be PERFECT for this!!! 

i have a LOT of photos from the day. I shot with both digital and film cameras. Can you tell which are film and which are digital???? 

the attendees! (thank you again guys, you couldn't have rocked more!)



the gorgeous Jcrew dress was bought off of ebay. i ADORE dresses with flowing movement. 

if any of my brides get ready outside. i will give them a free canvas. not even lying. seriously. i cannot stress enough. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GET READY IN THE BASEMENT OF A CHURCH. your pictures will be seven gazillion times better if you get ready in a place with nice light and atmosphere (it doesn't have to be outside) and guess what? none of the brides that I have photographed who have gotten ready at a place other than the church wrinkled their dress or got it in the least bit dirty. and I bet they are so happy with the getting ready pictures, even if they had gotten a tiny smudge on it? they wouldn't have cared. 





both the tie tyler is wearing and the boutonniere are from etsy. and


we had the "bridesmaids" wear different dresses in a coordinating palette. I LOVE THIS LOOK! 

the bridesmaids bouquets (and A LOT of the decor was wholesale babies breath. it was SOOO inexpensive and looked GORGEOUS!)

i went crazy with bridal portraits in this spot. but it was hard not too. how stunning is megan? 



megan's romantic bolero is from bhldn and bride's, megans ENTIRE look (shoes included) was under $500. 








just a note about my post processing style. while i love and appreciate many types of editing style, for myself I like to keep my pictures as real, true, natural and timeless as possible. i don't want anyone to look back at my pictures and say "oh yeah that was totally 2011" because of the way I processed them. and seriously, when a sky is THIS beautiful....why touch it? plus, being that almost half of these photos are film scans, those at least are straight out of the camera.....








again. THANK YOU to everyone involved, who donated, contributed, attended, and supported the "do what you love: wedding shoot workshop" 

and for those planning weddings, i hope you were inspired. if you have any questions about where anything came from/etc, don't hesitate to ask. (ps brides....megan was EVERYWHERE in the grass. the dress has a couple of marks, but nothing dry cleaning won't fix. i have to be honest here and say if you are unwilling to get even the littlest mark on your dress for the sake of good pictures.....i am NOT your photographer. just saying.)

 oh and 38 of these photos are film, 47 are digital. where you able to tell which were which?