lisa and dan...DIY wedding

lisa and dan came from milwaukee to lisa's hometown of gays mills to hold their gorgeous DIY wedding. seriously their wedding was totally my style. I am a HUGE fan of DIY-done-well, and their wedding was a treasure trove. the reception was held in lisa's parents backyard which was gorgeous! she made her bouquets and boutienneres and they made the AMAZING chandeliers hanging in their tent. seriously it was just a gorgeous wedding. and I was a HUUUUUGE fan of lisa's personal style. i just LOVED this wedding. thank you to emily schmidt photography for assisting me! 

lisa had not one, but two pairs of GORGEOUS shoes! (here is one pair....check out the other ones in a bit)


i HEART lace dresses

adorable first look! 

shoes number two! 



lisa and dan's adorable dogs were part of their day. loved their little outfits! 



talking on the phone to some of dan's relatives in europe



every guest put a candle on the the memorial candle table at the ceremony






see those chandeliers in this one? THEY MADE THOSE!!!!