sheryl and

About a month ago, I got to tag along with the super duper fabulous Jen Towner Photography  as she documented Sheryl and Brian's wedding. Jen already had an amazing second shooter in Jessica Sands Photography, so she let me come to shoot some rolls of film. I was so this was my first time shooting film for something other than just myself and fun. I learned a lot and was excited about the results. I was also SUPER thrilled with the prints and scans I received from Richard Photo Lab.  Here are some of the pictures! Thank you to Jen for letting me come with you, and to Sheryl and Brian for allowing me to be there as well (and to Jess for being as lovely as always!)

one of the loveliest things about film. absolutely no post processing for me. i got the scans this way and could immediately share them. Less computer time? I'll take it!!! 

Jen in action


Jen again 



((as an aside. i was feeling almost bashful for starting to explore film, as i have seen negative posts/comments from photographers about all the photographers jumping on the film-trend bandwagon. and then i know what, I don't care. I am doing this for me and to grow in my own photography walk. in the photography world there is a lot of "looking down our noses" at other photographers and judgement for this or that. and, i for one, am sick of it. everyone's walk is their own. let's lift each other up, not tear each other down. //end rant))