welcome to this world.......

on tuesday of this week I was blessed and honored to photograph the birth of sierra joann. 

i am struggling with how to write this post. how do i put in to words how wonderful this experience was or how passionate i feel about birth photography? i know a lot of people will grimace and think "why would you want photographs of THAT?" and all I can say..."why wouldn't you?". i think the birth of your child is one of the the most beautiful things in the world and to have it forever documented is very important. 

i know what you may be thinking---but do I REALLY want pictures from it? and I can't answer that for anyone. of course not everyone would. that being said, I do want people to know exactly WHAT would be photographed during a birth and how beautiful the images can be.....if you are at all intrigued, read on. 

a while back I put the plea out there that I would love to photograph a birth. I had a couple people take me up on the offer, and dustin and rachel were one of them.  i have been "on call" to photograph a couple other births, which given the unpredictable nature of labor and delivery I was unable to photograph. so i have to say, I wasn't 100% sure that I would be able to photograph this one either. but on tuesday evening I got the call that rachel was in the hospital "to stay" and I headed on over. 

I have been present in births before--obviously my own two children and the birth of my dear "nephew" ezra. but photographing this event was life changing. I am 100% smitten (and feel SO blessed that rachel and dustin shared this intimate time with me). Being able to photograph raw emotion and events exactly how they unfold with not 1 single posed moment was my dream. 

here are some of the images from the night ((there is nothing graphic in the least--honestly there really are no images from the evening that i would consider graphic))



dustin and rachel's parents prayed with her...this was the first time (but not the last) that i teared up 





and for those that are interested in seeing more (and probably crying.... lol)--- here is a slideshow  (it is password protected so if you are interested in my birth photography services and would like to see it please email me at krystal{at}krystalmuellenberg.com} and I will send you the password)