on holiday

a couple of things

*I will be out of the office from today (march 25) until wednesday am (march 30) I will not have access to email or phone messages, so I will return them all when I get home. Thanks! 

*I photographed my second birth story this week and I am SO excited. I just love photographing the first day in a new life.

*I STILL haven't gotten the prints to the contest winners. PLEASE know that I will--I have most of them here and waiting, I am just running behind. :) You WILL get them, and soon ;) Sorry about the delay. 

*I am still looking for a couple who will let me photograph them on a "date". basically you guys can just plan something fun you love to do together and I will tag along and photograph you being YOU. ((this is huge. a $300 session for FREE.))

*I am kind of wondering if there is something up with my email. If you have emailed me and not received a reply, please let me know...

*I have been experimenting will film and LOVING it. so much fun. here are a few quick pictures of my little ones....