Leah and Mason....the wedding

it's been forever and a day since I blogged. wow. hopefully this post will make up for it ;) 

Leah and Mason are two of the most lovely people.... so of course photographing their wedding was SUCH a pleasure. And their families and friends were the same....just SO kind and friendly. It was an amazing day. Hands down, my favorite "detail" was Leah's dress. just WAIT until you see it. SO gorgeous. But everything about the day was just perfect. Even the weather--it was very nice for the middle of March in the midwest. Thank you so much for having me photograph your day guys, I LOVED it. And a HUGE thank you to my good friend and fellow photographer Jessica Sands Photography for joining me for the day. It is always a BLAST to 'shoot' with you! 

(and just random FYI for photographers.... i just realized that only THREE of these pictures were taken with flash. obviously.... i ADORE natural/ambient light. lol!)



i adore the expression on leah's sister julia's face in this next picture


and then more of her bridesmaids as they see her in that AMAZING dress


leah's mom checking out her veil and hair










thanks again Leah and Mason (and family!) it was a FABULOUS day. 

and to Jess---check her out on FACEBOOK. she has some lovely pictures from the day up there

 and so do I--check out my  facebook gallery of their day and tag yourself and friends. (right now I only have a few up, but I will add more soon, including some NOT seen on the blog...so stay tuned