"i met this guy....he's a ninja".........amanda and ritch, wedding.....

that's what amanda told her friends after she first met ritch. and he is totally a ninja. you'll see. this  i seriously adored this wedding. the location, the delafield hotel, was amazing. amanda and ritch, their faith, their friends, and their family and just everything about them---i adored! and adored that their wedding was about them. they didn't have a dance because they don't like to dance--they had a jazz band that rocked and a surprise which i will post later. yah. i could go on and on, but who reads this part anyway.....so i will get to the pictures. but not before I send a shout out to my good friend Rebecca Eby (Studio Noveau Photography)--thanks so much for shooting with me. you rock! 





not sure how many times i can say....where you get ready? it matters for good pictures. somewhere with good light is going to yield MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCH better pictures than a dark room in a basement.







so instead of a first dance......amanda and ritch.....broke stuff. LOL. i guess one of the first time ritch met some of amanda's friends they all ended up breaking boards. except amanda--she just hurt her hand! but she had been practicing and she broke a board at the wedding. totally awesome. and then ritch broke some bricks. nobody better mess with these two in a dark alleyway ;) I absolutely ADORED this! 



thank you so much guys for having me be your photographer. 

and thanks again to rebecca--check her out on facebook!!