so.....i have a couple ideas floating around in my brain right now and i am searching for some things. 


{1} a blissfully in love couple who will let me come along with them on a date. i want to photograph you being you. no props, no posing, very minimal interaction with me. basically i won't tell you at all what to do. i won't put you in any situations you wouldn't normally be in, i won't ask you to do a thing. I will photograph you on a date. pure and simple. completely photojournalistic

{2} a couple that will let me capture them on film. yes film as in 35 mm film. i think every photographer should shoot something for themselves once in awhile, and for me this year, my "personal project" is to learn to shoot film. {i don't want any eye rolling from people who think i am jumping on a trend bandwagon. maybe i am. i don't care. this is something i have wanted to do for awhile after falling in love with the images of numerous film photographers} i can't promise fabulous results for my test couple, but i will make it worth your while. i promise

{3} a really long flowy red dress. anyone got one?

{4}a florist who is willing to partner with dani stephenson and i on a very special project. we are looking for someone who is willing to think outside the box in terms of flowers. maybe someone just starting out looking for some exposure?


in other news---check out the blog on monday for a preview of the pictures from amanda and ritch's wedding last weekend. it was such a fabulous wedding, you won't want to miss it!